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Comments Evolved for WordPress

Comments Evolved ( formerly Google+ Comments for WordPress ) makes the comment section tabbed seamlessly adding tabs for Comments & More


  • reverted comment counting code for now until preformace issues can be resolved in a future update


  • udates to the disqus comment count
  • fixes for the comment count total


  • even more css fixes


  • css fixes


  • css updates


  • reworked css so that the embeded iFrames are now responsive and more mobile friendly.
  • fixed JS for loading Livefyre so that comments made with the official plugin and this plugin are loaded in the same way.
  • added option to show comment count on each tab label
  • added shortcode [comments_evolved] and template tag display_comments_evolved() to display comment section in anywhere.
  • added shortcodes and template tags to show individual and combined comment counts ( @see the install page for listing )


  • WARNING: if you are upgrading from Google+ Comments for WordPress to Comments Evolved then the plugin will need to be manually reactivated and settings will be reset back to defaults.
  • rebranding from "Google+ Comments" to "Comments Evolved" ... completed
  • major code cleanups ( seperated plugin init, frontend, and backend code )


  • tab font adjustment


  • refactor of most display code so its easier to add new commenting systems
  • tweaked tab fonts
  • added livefyre tab option
  • streamlined js and css
  • added icon themes ( only default and monotone in this release )
  • added donation button to admin interface
  • lots of code cleanup in prep to add shortcodes


  • finally fixed the long standing bug where some themes could not click on content in the single post area


  • jQuery typo


  • Bugfixes for various issues where you could not click the main content area
  • misc css cleanup
  • misc old code deletion
  • split main plugin for better maint
  • fb-root error fixed
  • FB javascript problem mitigated

1.4.7 + 1.4.8

  • Parse Error Hotfix. Please Update ASAP.


  • load a default comments file with no native comments shown but an error message if comments.php cannot be found for native comments
  • better error message with link to PHP info on php.net about PHP version 5.3+ requirement and upgrade proceedures
  • loading google+ and facebook javascript the common way shown in the examples instead of a custom js function for better compatability with Google +1, Pintrest, Facbook "Like", and other 3rd party buttons.


  • load comments.php in a alternate way if the default does not exist in the current theme


  • make the comments template load at a higher priority so it correctly loads when child themes are used
  • moved the defines out of init so they are always available ( like during activation ), this fixes default tab order is correctly set for new installs


  • load wp comments template from current theme if it exists so original styles take effect


  • added missing trackback icon
  • tighened up css margins for tabs


  • minor css hotfixes for tab margin and spacing


  • You can now change the default order of the tabs
  • The first tab is now default so something other than G+ can be default
  • Official color icons now used instead of the icon font
  • JS now loaded inline in the footer reducing http calls
  • Icons can now optionally be hidden
  • Misc css cleanups and tweaks


  • completely overhauled the css used to show the tabs
  • added optional labels for each of the tabs
  • added optional label for commenting area
  • tweaked the ordering of the css and js loading to work in more circumstances
  • added a check for PHP 5.3+ or newer
  • updated screenshots


  • lets REALLY not set everyones background to white ... srsly.


  • dont set everyones page background to #fff ( white )


  • move missing styles from theme to plugin


  • make all tab css !important and scoped so it does not inherit from the page easily


  • version bump to fix svn botch
  • minor css adjustments for tabs


  • updates to the tab css so it dont mix with some themes
  • updates to the font css so it dont mix with some themes
  • added a check for php 5.3+ with a sensible error message
  • ensured jquery-ui-tabs is loaded now explicitly


  • added Plugin options page to show or hide various comment tabs from the wp-admin area
  • comment tabs are now responsive and should adjust to nearly any layout
  • now using async javascript to load G+ comments for faster page loading
  • added option to show facebook comments
  • added option to show disqus comments
  • updated screenshot


  • many typo fixes
  • initial ( non-functional ) options page placeholder and associated hooks added
  • fixed bugs that removed native WordPress comment functionality by accident, any native options should work now
  • better loading of the css/js via wp_register/wp_encueue system to let other plug-ins possibly modify our scripts and styles as needed as well as using CDN resources wisely
  • everything loaded with https:// or protocol relative urls so that https:// works without warnings generated due to "unsafe" resource loading from http://


  • hot-fix to fix accidental loading of css and js in the admin area


  • fixed automatically a bug where it would disable wp comments by default, that should not have been the case.


  • fixed bumping the version


  • Removed the need for jquery-ui-tab fixing the tab display for some versions of WordPress
  • changed the tab colors to closer match the G+ Comments and blend into more websites seamlessly
  • fixed a typo when no comments had been made yet


  • Release via WordPress.org


  • Initial public release

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 2013-7-23
Downloads: 49,325


4 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars


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