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Google Routeplanner

Allows you to add one or more route planners based on Google Maps to help your users to find a specific place.


  • Fix for update problems
  • Project now abandoned - no more support, no more ads, no more donations!


  • Fix for the foreach-error
  • Import should now work or give an error message


  • New and way more flexible database structure
  • You can now use a Google API Key if you want
  • Maps now have a title that can be different from the destination
  • You can now define a display destination. This is shown instead of the route destination, for example if you have to use longitude and latitude.
  • Added pan control options


  • Added a lot of new languages which Google supports
  • Label and button of the maps are now translated with a PHP-file. This should make it a lot easier to translate and to have different languages for maps on the same WordPress installation.
  • Added an integrity check to solve database issues.


  • Donation settings have been changed. Link can be removed without donating
  • Viewport can now be disabled
  • Small graphical tweaks
  • Troubleshooting page added
  • Autodetection can now give longitude and latitude or country, city and street


  • Hotfix for trouble with version 2.5


  • French translation added, thanks to Corentin Smith
  • Slovak Translation by WebHostingGeeks.com added
  • You can now define map height and width in px, % or em
  • New feature: HTML5 detection for users location to autofill the form


  • WordPress Multisite support
  • Added default values for zoom level to prevent errors
  • New Icon
  • You are now asked if you really want to delete a route


  • Donation settings have been changed. Please take a look at them!
  • Fix for install error (which did not effect function)
  • Small visual improvments
  • Documentation page added


  • Fixed a bug where installation went wrong and routes could not be added


  • Issues with writing to the database some users had fixed
  • Removed a lot of potential issues other plugins may cause
  • Zoom is now adjustable
  • Added a marker to the map when no route is calculated


  • Added some icons
  • Made it easier to copy the routes codes
  • You can now use more then one map on the same page (but only one language is possible at once)
  • Removed CSS additions due it only caused invalid HTML code
  • Due to the updates you can now change the look using your themes CSS file.


  • Hotfix for not working setup


  • You can now select a different language for every map
  • Fixed a compatiblity issues with the TheCartPress


  • Cleaned up Sourcecode
  • Removed some validation issues (there are still some remaining)


  • Updated to Google Maps API V3
  • No more API Key required
  • Overview Map no longer available due to it's not available in Google Maps API V3
  • Improved design


  • Displays the code for each route in the admin section
  • Added a preview function to the admin section


  • Plugin release

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 2013-7-18
Downloads: 19,915


4 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars


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