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Display Goodreads.com reviews for ISBNs or IDs you specify on any page or post.


  • Added a caching mechanism and related settings for faster performance.
  • Added the option to defer loading of GoodReviews until the page footer.
  • Optimized shortcode input defaults.
  • Fixed some style issues that hindered responsive design.
  • Fixed a stylesheet/script loading issue that caused some WordPress debug errors.
  • Fixed some variable and index initializations.
  • Updated context-sensitive help.
  • Updated POT file.
  • Updated readme and FAQ.


  • Optimized instantiation/destruction of data retrieval function.
  • Fixed an issue with data retrieval that could have resulted in performance problems on some sites.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented used of file_get_contents on sites that require it.


  • Plugin has been completely rewritten to better integrate with the WordPress Settings API.
  • Now shows ratings count for all editions of a title.
  • Added widgets for book buying links, book information, and book reviews.
  • Added support for styling the output in a more responsive way.
  • Added support for WordPress localization (i18n).
  • Added support for HTTP retries and an exponential backoff method of dealing with throttling problems.
  • Added support for context-sensitive help on the Settings page.
  • Added support for an uninstall process that removes all settings and plugin files.
  • Added support for a shortcut parameter that disables the reviews pane.
  • Removed support for grheader shortcode parameter because calls to Goodreads API appear to no longer support modifying the header text.


  • Fixed a default stylesheet bug that could cause links sitewide to display as HTML color #660.


  • Fixed a stylesheet loading bug.
  • Added code to remove clear space div element when only the reviews pane is displayed.
  • Cleaned up some leftover pre-1.1.0 code.


  • Replaced star images with text-based stars so that colors can be easily modified.
  • Added a field to Settings to enable the use of an alternate stylesheet.
  • Moved default stylesheet to an included file instead of echoing it from functions.
  • Removed support for the grstyles shortcode parameter.
  • Added the grstars parameter to enable changing the color of the review stars.
  • Added the grlinks parameter to enable changing the color of the review links.
  • Added the grheader parameter to enable changing the text of the header above the reviews iframe.
  • Added the grbackground parameter to enable changing the color of the review background.
  • Added the grtext parameter to enable changing the color of the review text.
  • Added the grnumber parameter to allow configuration of the initial number of reviews that are returned.
  • Added the grminimum parameter to allow the configuration of a minimum review rating requirement.


  • Added a link to Settings on the Plugins page.
  • Added basic PHP environment detection on the Settings page to assist in troubleshooting.


  • Added the ability to retrieve a title by its Goodreads ID instead of ISBN.
  • Added the ability to display an author's Goodreads photo beside the author's name.


  • Fixed a DIV closing element that was creating problems with the reviews frame. Thanks, Conq and Baden!


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some "Buy This Book" links from functioning properly.


  • Fixed an API key issue that could prevent GoodReviews from display information from Goodreads.
  • Updated the readme.


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-17
Downloads: 4,446


4 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars


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