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Gift Registry

A Gift Registry to request and track gifts via PayPal. Ideal for weddings, births, and other occasions.

What versions of WordPress are compatible with this plugin?

The WordPress Gift Registry Plugin has been verified with WordPress versions 3.3.1 – 3.5, but we’re not aware of issues with any other versions. If you find any, please let us know.

On the Admin page, nothing seems to happen when I click a button, I can’t save my PayPal address or URLs, and/or I get redirected to the General Settings page when I try to save

These are all signs that a javascript error occurred when the page was initializing. Check for script errors using a debug tool (Firebug, Firebug Lite, Chrome/Safari Developer Tools) and make sure other plugins aren’t causing problems. Stuck? Send us the error via http://sliverwareapps.com/contact and we’ll check it out.

Why doesn’t ‘From’ or ‘Fees’ show under Gifts Received? The status shows as ‘RECEIVED’?

Most likely because you haven’t configured your PayPal account to use IPN Notifications. To check the status of an individual transaction, log in to PayPal and go to My Account > History > IPN History.

Why aren't my IPN's working?

Check your IPN history in PayPal by going to My Account > History > IPN History, and open the IPN by clicking the Message ID link. If the HTTP Response Code is 404, the IPN notification URL in your PayPal settings is incorrect. Double-check that you have configured your IPN URL correctly in PayPal. If the HTTP Response Code is 200, the IPN was received by your site but may not have completed correctly. Check the log file at php/log for more information.

Prior to version 1.7.2, a bug prevented gifts from non-logged-in guests from reaching the COMPLETED status. This can be fixed

Are there any known conflicts with other plugins?

The only conflict we are aware of causes the cart page not to render when there are more than 2 items in your cart. Check to make sure the 'prettyPhoto' script is disabled if your theme supports it.

What do the different Gift Statuses mean?

CREATED - The shopper began the checkout process but did not complete it. RECEIVED - The payment has been received, but the IPN notification (including sender info) has not been received. COMPLETED - The payment has been completed and the IPN notification has been received. You should see the sender’s information included on the gift. IPN ERROR - The IPN was received but there was an error processing it. For more information, check out the PayPal site or let us know in the comments.

Requires: 3.3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 2013-1-19
Downloads: 2,175


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