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Get Directions

Get Directions is a responsive map plugin powered by MapQuest. Widget and shortcodes that auto detect mobiles.

how do I use the shortcode?

to display a map on the page use the short code [get-directions] with the appropriate parameters

A destination is mandatory and may be specified preferably as a latitude / longitude pair (take care - in the current version extra spaces in the latlong value can cause issues) e.g. latlong='51.36887,-0.408999' or can be based on postcode/zipcode & country e.g. postcode='SW1W 0NT' country='UK' if a postcode/zipcode is used then country is also mandatory


The route will be displayed if the browser permits providing the users location, however is you want to permanently turn off directions set hideroute='yes'

Specify an operating radius, which draws an opaque circle based on your location radius='12MI' for 12 miles radius='12KM' for 12 Kilometres

Specify the map image height ( default = 300px) height='400px'

Specify the map width ( default full width - 100%) width='500px' (please note: the px are mandatory in this field and cannot be replaced by % in this version in responsive theme a fixed px width is not recommended, if you want to reduce the width to a % you are advised to use CSS on the appropriate elements.)

Specify the initial zoom level (1-16) (default 12) zoom='10' * note the map will auto zoom if a route is displayed so this setting is only really relevant when hideroute='yes'

Specify the type of map controls controls='largezoom' (default) shows a large map control controls='smallzoom' shows a small map control controls='false' shows no map controls

Specify the name used on the map marker when the mouse hovers (only applies if hideroute='yes') rotitle='My House' (default = none)

Specify the detailed used on the marker pointer when the mouse is clicked(only applies if hideroute='yes') rocontent='My Address' (default = none)


Show directions to latitude 40.74802 longtitude -73.98512 [get-directions latlong='40.748021,-73.98512']

Get directions to zipcode 10118 in the USA [get-directions postcode='10118' country='USA']

Show a simple map without a route, with marker with some details [get-directions latlong='40.748021,-73.98512' hideroute='yes' rotitle='Empire State Building' roicontent='Empire State Building, 10118, NY, NY, USA]

Can I display multiple maps (shortcodes or widgets) on one page?

this feature is not yet available

Can I display multiple map markers?

Currently only 1 marker can be used on a non-route map

how do I change the color and size of the 'get directions' button?

the button is totally styled in CSS so you can change this as you like in your theme's style.css

can I change the style of the map pointer?

for the route pointers (A to B) the style is fixed, but for the single map pin you can change these. There is a filter hook that can be coded in your theme's functions.php = My operating radius circle isn't a circle? This happens sometimes when your zoom level is too high for your radius crcle to fite, try a different zoom level to get your circle inside the map

Do you have other plugins?

We have some more plugins in the pipeline at http://llocally.com

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-4-30
Downloads: 3,818


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3 out of 5 stars


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