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This plugin allow to apply some WordPress API's functions into your post/page content or as a widget.

Other Notes

Embedded output

Any functionsCapacitor request will insert <div class="functionsCapacitor">functions output</div>. Shortcode method allow to personalize main container like [fct container="HTML tag name" class="class(es) name(s)" style="CSS properties" function1="args" function2="args"]. set container="" to remove main container.

Some functions output were inserted with dedicated container like <ul class="function_name">function output</ul> or <div class="function_name">function output</div>. Personalize this container with Special functions parameters.

Functions arguments syntax

Follow these examples to setup your requests :

  • "parameter1=something&parameter2=25", parameter1 and parameter2 typed as strings.
  • "parameter1=something&parameter2=false", parameter2 typed as boolean.
  • "parameter1=&parameter2= &parameter3=''", any parameters equal empty string.
  • "parameter1= something &parameter2=' something '", parameter1 equal 'something', parameter2 equal ' something '.
  • "parameter1=something&parameter2=array('something','something')", parameter2 typed as an array of 2 strings.
  • "parameter1=something&parameter2=array(10,5,20)", parameter2 typed as an array of 3 integers.
  • "parameter1=something&parameter2=array(true,false)", parameter2 typed as an array of 2 booleans.

Not supported issues :

  • parameter's value can't contain "&" or "=" characters.
  • parameter's value can't contain an associative array like array('name'=>value,'name'=>value).
  • parameter's value can't contain an array of arrays.
  • parameter's value can't contain a PHP variable like $post->ID, see Magic keywords.
  • parameter's value can't request a PHP or WordPress function.
  • parameter's value can't contain PHP source-code.

Magic keywords

Use these keywords to obtain variables values into your functions arguments :

  • %postID% => $post->ID, ID of post or page where made the request : related post/page into a shortcode, or current post/page into a widget.
  • %postparent% => $post->post_parent, ID of parent page where made the request.
  • %postauthor% => $post->post_author, author ID of post where made the request.
  • %defaultcatID% => default_category, ID of default category for newest posts.
  • %posttagIDs% => wp_get_post_tags(), string of current post tags IDs as "1,2,3,..."
  • %posttagslugs% => wp_get_post_tags(), string of current post tags slugs as "slug-name,slug-name,..."

You can use magic keywords into an array. Example: wp_list_categories="exclude=array(%defaultcatID%,1,2,...)"

Special functions parameters

  • fct:container to set HTML tag of function container. Set "fct:container=''" to remove this container. Each functions have a default container related to its output.
  • fct:container_id to set container "id" attribute.
  • fct:container_class to set container "class" attribute. Function name as default. Example with shortcode: [fct function_name="fct:container_class=name&param1=value&param2=value"].
  • fct:container_style to set container "style" attribute.

functionsCapacitor not create a container if the API function still return a container. See WordPress Codex to personalize them.

Supported functions

  • get_the_post_thumbnail() with size=thumbnail|medium|large|post-thumbnail or size name defined with add_image_size() into theme's file functions.php.
  • get_the_tag_list() with before=''&sep=' '&after='' as default, apply only on page or post, rendered into DIV container
  • wp_get_archives() with echo=0&format=html as default
  • wp_get_recent_posts() rendered as list with UL container, with exclude=%postID%&suppress_filters=false&post_status=publish&fct:perm=readable as default (see bellow)
  • wp_list_authors() with echo=0 as default
  • wp_list_bookmarks() with echo=0 as default
  • wp_list_categories() with echo=0 as default
  • wp_list_pages() with echo=0 as default
  • wp_nav_menu() with echo=false as default, see Codex to setting its container
  • wp_tag_cloud() with echo=0 as default, format=flat|list only

See WordPress Codex about these functions and their arguments syntax.

Need you to support more functions, mail to oliezekat@yahoo.fr


  • if fct:perm=readable hide draft, future, pending, protected posts but display private posts if user is allowed.
  • if fct:perm='' not output permalink of draft, future, pending, private posts.
  • set fct:show_excerpt=1|true to display posts excerpts.
  • set fct:show_date=1|true to display posts dates.
  • set fct:show_thumbnail=1|true to display post thumbnail, with fct:thumbnail_size=thumbnail|medium|large|post-thumbnail or size name defined with add_image_size() into theme's file functions.php.
  • fct:show_thumbnail=true if fct:thumbnail_size is defined
  • display excerpt and thumbnail for draft, future, pending, private, and protected posts but not create an excerpt from content.

Supported conditional functions

  • cat_is_ancestor_of() check if current category is child of conditional argument.
  • in_category()
  • is_category()
  • is_front_page()
  • is_home()
  • is_single()

See WordPress Conditional Tags about these functions and their arguments syntax.

Not canonical conditional functions

These functions are designed for this plugin only, not available elsewhere, and not documented into the WordPress Codex.

  • in_tree_of() for both posts and categories, like is_category_in_tree_of() and is_single_in_tree_of(), require argument as numeric category ID.
  • is_category_in_tree_of() like cat_is_ancestor_of(), return true if display parent category.
  • is_single_in_tree_of() like is_category_in_tree_of() for posts only, require argument as numeric category ID.

Conditional functions arguments syntax

Support only arguments as single value ; string, numeric, or magic keyword.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-6-25
Downloads: 859


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