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Frontier Post

Simple, Fast & Secure frontend management of posts - Add, Edit, Delete posts from frontend - My Posts Widget


  • Support for Private posts
  • New setting: Allow users to change status from Published
  • Redirect to frontier list post page after login (thanks: newtonsongbird)
  • Fixed: Frontier Edit now respects max days set in Frontier settings


  • Short code parameters:
    • frontier_mode: Option to set frontier_mode=add using this parameter will enable to show add form directly in page - Usage: [frontier-post frontier_mode=add]
    • frontier_parent_cat_id: Option only to show child categories of the parent category in dropdowns - Usage: [frontier-post frontier_parent_cat_id=7]
    • Combined: [frontier-post mode=add frontier_parent_cat_id=7] where 7 is the category id
  • option to show link to login page after message: Please login - Link used: wp_login_url()


  • Images was not properly attached to post, fixed
  • Featured image need the post to be saved once to work, fixed
    • User still needs to press save to view featured image


  • Wordcount added (TinyMCE plugin, you need to enable custom editor buttons)
  • French translation added (thanks to pabaly)


  • Template forms: Forms can be copied (and changed) to theme folder - See FAQ
  • Option: Exclude categories by ID from dropdowns on form
  • Option: Email to list of emails on post for approval
  • Option: Email to Author when post is approved (Pending to Publish)
  • Save button on Frontier edit form (so user can save post and stay on form)
  • Submit button: New setting to decide if user is taken to My Posts or to the actual post when a new post is submitted or edited.
  • Featured Image support.


  • Translation fixes (Thanks: Thomasz Bednarek)
  • Updated translations: Danish, Spanish, Polish & Russian)
  • Added suggested buttons for editor in settings page.
  • frontier_fix_list.php removed


  • Temp version to be able correct the post_data issue (frontier_fix_list.php).


  • Fixed issue where post_status was set to display value instead of value, meaning post was updated with translated value. Posts still in db, but does not show up in WP


  • Bug: Post status changed to draft if post status was not selectable (as with a published post), hidden input field added to hold post_status
  • Preview link added to My Posts list for posts that are not published (Link to unpublished posts was removed in 1.5.1)


  • New buttons on editor: Smileys, search & replace and table control
  • Frontend Author role added (Same capabilities as Author, makes it possible to distinguish between Author and Frontend Author)
  • Bug in My Posts fixed (comments from post showing), wp_reset_postdata() added in end of frontier_list.php
  • Spanish Translation (hasmin)


  • Option to hide admin bar
  • Default category per role
  • Only redirect edit to frontend for standard post type (not pages and custom post types)
  • Du not show dropdown for status with only 1 option, only show value
  • Added missing closing tags for ul and div in my approvals widget


  • Issue with svn, new tag created


  • New Editor options for frontend editing - Full, Simple-Visual, Simple-Html or Text-Only
  • Category: Multi-select, dropdown or hidden
  • Media upload can be disabled per role
  • Drafts: Can be restricted so user have to submit for approval


  • Fixed security issue with add new post
  • Chinese translation
  • Russian translation


  • Fixed hardcoded urls in My Approvals widget


  • Supports WordPress Post Status Transitions (draft/pending/publish)
  • New Widget: My Approvals


  • Fixed error in user_post_list query


  • Fixed error in user_post_list query


  • New My Posts Widget
  • Added multi select for Categories
  • Added support for Excerpts (Can be enabled/disabled in settings)
  • Added support for Tags (Can be enabled/disabled in settings)
  • Improved media upload


  • Fixed upgrade problem


  • Danish translation added


  • Added check for comments on edit and delete based on settings
  • Added support for excerpts (Can be enabled/disabled in settings)
  • Added role-based capabilities
  • Added ability to use Frontier Post edit directly from post using standard edit link
  • Added link to page containing page in shortcode


  • Added pagination to list of authors posts.


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-2-15
Downloads: 12,423


4 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars


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