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FoxyShop provides a robust shopping cart and inventory management tool for use with FoxyCart's hosted e-commerce solution.


  • Added FoxyCart 2.0 support
  • Added true bundled product support
  • Google Analytics Universal functionality
  • Custom product sorting by category
  • Adding full and medium size image type filters
  • Updating max_quantity calculation, removing hashes
  • Updating most fields to remove tags to solve validation issues
  • Open validation for bundled product images
  • Adding filters for adjusting all prices and variations
  • Adding filter for default wp user role
  • Adding filter for Google Analytics ga.src
  • Adding filter for custom bundled product fields
  • Fixed the SSO password problem when adding new WordPress accounts
  • Changing mysql_real_escape_string() to esc_sql()
  • Allowing price changes to still be enforced with v: variation modifier
  • Allowing id attribute when specifying 'showproduct' shortcode
  • Updated to jQuery 1.11.1


  • Changing the Manage Inventory page to use ajax-based saving
  • Trim individual variation lines
  • Updating styles for WordPress 3.8
  • Adding GTIN, MPN field matching for Google Products (thanks to Scott Daniels)


  • Updating inventory now covers multiple products with same code
  • Add-on product images are now properly skipping validation
  • Add-on products are not displayed if they are not in stock
  • Changed multiship script to use "Me" instead of "me" to avoid potentially different shipto names
  • Allow alternate named sub_startdate and sub_enddate to set a dynamic strtotime date


  • Fixing a missing " that was keeping the image field from working properly


  • Improved WP_Error handling with FoxyCart API
  • Start using wp_redirect()
  • Fix for missing validation on variation values that are only "0"
  • Added 'foxyshop_social_media_header' handle for custom social media headers
  • Made the JavaScript UTF-8 checker more flexible
  • Updates SSO account updating to properly update WordPress passwords
  • Updated external jQuery reference to 1.10.2


  • Added a default checkout and receipt template
  • Allow the fr:X variation modifier to adjust the sub_frequency
  • Checkbox variations can now be set as required
  • Added FOXYSHOP_DECIMAL_PLACES definition to allow setups that need three decimal places
  • Google feeds can now be exported in multiple pages/batches and the feed page is limited to 100 unmatched products at a time
  • Updated admin js calls to use .on() instead of the deprecated .live()
  • Image field is now set to --OPEN-- validation so that W3 Cache doesn't break it
  • Future line item products shouldn't get processed by inventory
  • Set description variation field to process shortcodes
  • Added datafeed loop detection to the Order Desk redirect
  • Added filters for the no-stock inventory message
  • max_quantity now honored when dealing with low inventory
  • Changed cURL to wp_remote_post()
  • Check for is_ssl() when building FoxyShop admin links
  • Fixed the jQuery dequeue feature
  • Upgraded to jQuery 1.10.1 for stores <= FoxyCart 1.0
  • Upgraded to prettyPhoto 3.1.5
  • Upgraded to jQuery 1.10.3 (used for Date Picker)
  • Default FoxyCart version is now 1.1
  • Added German translation


  • Added some extra variation features to allow custom values and field names
  • Added missing radio title dkey class
  • Added FoxyCart 1.1 option
  • Added 'foxyshop_inventory_update' action


  • Added easier category syncing for FoxyCart 0.7.2+
  • Fixed spacing issue with WP 3.5
  • Fix to remove the quantity_max field when backordering is allowed
  • Show warning if curl is not installed
  • Moved the template cache functionality up so that scrolling isn't required as often on the tools page


  • Added native support for cart, empty, and coupon settings at the product level
  • Added support for hidden field product variations
  • Set FoxyCart version 1.0 as default
  • Updated to jQuery 1.8.2
  • Updated to jQuery UI 1.9.1
  • Reverted jQuery UI theme to Smoothness (from Lightness in FoxyShop 4.2.1)
  • Fixed double-encoding in foreign currency in JavaScript context
  • Fix for apostrophes in saved variation titles
  • Include and require functions now use absolute paths
  • Security: added checks to make sure that any FoxyShop php pages can't be run directly
  • Fix for missing alert values on imported inventory records
  • Fix for missing quantity_min and quantity_max values on the add to cart link
  • Fix for inventory error generated when there's no product code
  • Fix to make sure that add to cart form can't be submitted if submit button is disabled


  • Added support for multiple dkeys split by a comma: {dkey:key1,key2}
  • Bugfix for radio/checkbox elements whose values were hidden after being hidden by dkey
  • Updated variations for better multiship support on repeat purchases
  • Updated to jQuery 1.8
  • Updated to jQuery UI 1.8.23
  • Added security option if you'd like to disable user uploading: define('FOXYSHOP_DISABLE_USER_UPLOAD', 1);
  • Order snapshot on admin dashboard now shows up to 300 orders instead of 50 (more accurate numbers)
  • Added a few more product variation container filters
  • Fixed missing discounts in order_total for CSV export


  • Updated variation processor to allow multiple levels of dkeys
  • Updated variation processor to add x: to hidden text inputs and textarea elements
  • Updated prettyPhoto gallery to have product ID in rel so multiple galleries on category page won't overlap
  • Updated out of stock messages to be js arrays for multiple values on one page
  • Updated Google Product Feed feature to add CDATA to content field and allow for customizable target country and currency via filters
  • Allow saved variations to have custom names
  • Added settings option for disabling cart validation
  • Added a filter for the post type registration argument array
  • Added filter for disabling auto-login when new user account created
  • Updated hidden ikey images to be written out but hidden so cloudzoom will work properly.
  • Improved inventory update matching to only update published products, not those in trash
  • Fix for double UTF8 encoding on foxyshop_currency()
  • Fix for error in customer email variable in subscription datafeed
  • Fix to accept custom field criteria in CSV export feature
  • Fix for CSV export not showing proper amount for quantities greater than one
  • Fix for the FOXYSHOP_PRODUCT_TAGS feature


  • Correction for subscription datafeed processing. Emails could be sent to wrong customer.


  • Added FoxyShop version 1.0 support
  • Added 'foxyshop-current-category class' to the category list function
  • Added '$foxyshop_skip_cart_image' variable so the cart image can be easily skipped (globally set this in functions.php)
  • Allow subscription post data to be passed through to external datafeeds
  • Added setting to enable email reminders to expiring credit card customers
  • Improved is_foxyshop()
  • Fixed the "required file upload" feature to trigger an error if no file is uploaded
  • Fixed Google Analytics script so that it won't be inserted on skipped template pages (Checkout, Receipt)
  • See Release Notes for more details


  • Added setting for automatic FoxyTools Order Desk integration
  • Added feature to add ikey images that don't show up in slideshow
  • Introduced is_foxyshop() function as a conditional tag which returns true for all FoxyShop pages
  • Tested with WordPress 3.4 and found no issues
  • Added action to SSO endpoint to allow interception
  • Upgraded to prettyPhoto 3.1.4
  • License changed to GPLv2 or later as recommended by WordPress
  • Changed to get_user_by in datafeed functions because of deprecated function in WordPress 3.3
  • Filter variation names for invalid characters on CSV import upgrade
  • Fixed incorrect query match in the inventory update function when all numbers are used for code


  • Updated jQuery to version 1.7.2
  • Internationalization updates. Added Norwegian translation thanks to Kenneth from KKtrend.
  • Added 'foxyshop_breadcrumbs_base_link' filter
  • Upgraded template redirect function to check for post names as well as page names
  • Removed unneeded "is foxyshop installed" checks from template files
  • Added settings page sniffers for Thesis and Headway users
  • Fixed bug where subsequent cloud zoom displays were "large" not "full" size images
  • Fixed potential warning in templateredirect.php for foxyshop_body_class() with missing array
  • Fixed notice appearing on some installs when no orders returned
  • Fixed missing default dropdown on first unsaved variation (tools page)


  • Fixed broken receipt link on order management page


  • New option on settings page to show "Add to Cart" links on product entry page
  • Fixed variation help key on initial admin product page load
  • Setup page now defaults to simple FoxyCart domain entry type
  • Display line breaks on custom fields in order display
  • Redundant shipping address hidden from multiship stores
  • Fixed rogue quote in form tag, helperfunctions.php
  • Fixed variable error in customized foxyshop quantity wrapper


  • Added Order Export in CSV format (single ship stores only)
  • Added native FoxyCart ColorBox slideshow functionality option. Works best in 0.7.2+
  • Sped up admin product page load by skipping javascript and loading images natively on first load and by caching and condensing a lot of jQuery
  • Removed UPS export option in settings - it will always show up on the View Orders page in the new dropdown
  • Added an argument to the foxyshop_setup_product() function to speed up the inventory page load
  • Added 'foxyshop_main_menu_name' filter so you can customize the main admin menu title
  • Moved the jQuery insert from 'init' to 'wp_enqueue_scripts' so it initializes later
  • The foxyshop_setup_product() function was upgraded to accept product ID's and slugs as well as $post objects
  • Added optional append argument to the foxyshop_save_attribute() helper function
  • Added filters for the order/customer/subscription search defaults
  • Bugfix: Related products were matching an add-on product, not the main parent
  • Bugfix: Search page template was loading the foxyshop header instead of footer at end of file
  • See Release Notes for more details


  • Transaction, Customer, and Subscription attributes can now be managed within FoxyShop (0.7.2+)
  • The discount entry interface has been rebuilt with a more natural entry option
  • Dropdown variations can now click the Required checkbox if they want the first option in the dropdown to be an invalid choice
  • Instead of one tax total, all taxes are now displayed by name on admin order page and default receipt
  • Adjusted item price and weight variations on admin order page now show accurately
  • Cloud-Zoom updated for better mobile device support and removed slideshow if just one image returned
  • Improved Google Product Feed available product matching method
  • Added hook for updating inventory alert email destination
  • Subscriptions now show all products in the subscription, not just the first one
  • Fixed settings link on plugins page
  • Menu name changed from "Products" to "FoxyShop" for easier recognition
  • Removed jQuery from the enqueue if FoxyShop includes skipped
  • Subscription management urls now have empty=true in them to ensure an easier update experience
  • Updated fallback FoxyCart Colorbox CSS to version 3.1.18 (for 0.7.2 users)
  • Added two recommended plugins to tools page for user logins
  • Made the FoxyCart domain entry box on the settings and setup pages a little more self-explanatory
  • WordPress 3.0 support has been removed. Do not upgrade if you are still using WordPress 3.0!
  • See Release Notes for more details


  • Added cloud-zoom image slideshow support
  • Added feature to skip FoxyCart includes on some or all pages
  • Added filters for all role-based permission pages: you can now set custom roles for plugin access
  • Added action hooks to fire after transactions have been archived
  • Added filter for product slug within product setup (aids dynamic rewrite strings)
  • Added filter for description field variation
  • Changed default theme files so that FoxyShop header and footer files are outside of the foxyshop_container element
  • Shipping category renamed "FoxyCart Category" to avoid confusion. Allow default category to load so that the category type can be set.
  • Images uploaded while product is untitled will now be called "Image" instead of "Auto Draft"
  • Added warnings so that the & and " characters can't be saved in the product code
  • Bugfix: Minimum quantities that were entered without a maximum quantity weren't being saved
  • Bugfix: Expired Google Products authentication now correctly prompts for renewal
  • See Release Notes for more details


  • Updating price in bulk now lets you update dynamically with +, -, or by percentage.
  • Added a helper function for updating inventory levels
  • Added ability to show more than 50 orders per page for 0.7.1+ users with FOXYSHOP_API_ENTRIES_PER_PAGE constant
  • Improved paging navigation for API processes (transactions, customers, subscriptions)
  • Added an "Archive All" option for the Manage Orders screen
  • Inventory codes can now be forced from the inventory import system even if they haven't been added before
  • Inventory connectors available for QuickBooks (through ConsoliBYTE) and SmartTurn
  • curl connection error now displays actual error
  • Transaction receipts outside the default date filter now viewable
  • Added MinFraud score (0.7.2+) to transaction details
  • Many datafeed template improvements
  • "No Weight" can now be set as a system default if your products don't use weight
  • Added a filter so that the date format can be adjusted on order page
  • Admin nag bars are now limited to admins only
  • Fixed jQuery error (variations) which was appearing in iOS 4
  • Fixed some errors in the subscription datafeed process
  • See Release Notes for more details


  • Fixed a PHP error in the default theme file causing the datafeed to fail


  • New: UPS WorldShip Integration
  • New: Manage your Google Products directly from the FoxyShop admin
  • Added built-in Google Product Feed fields
  • Manage Google Product Feed with the Customer Field Bulk Editor
  • Added 0.7.2 feature: sync with FoxyCart's list of downloadables for easier product entry
  • Updated to jQuery 1.7.1
  • FoxyShop Import/Export tool now includes saved variations
  • Fix: reset post data after related product WP_Query loop
  • Fix: uninstall issue and potential missing datafeed key on new installs
  • See Release Notes for more details


  • Product sitemap is now a dynamic url + fixed namespace issue
  • Added 0.7.2 feature to automatically pull your shipping category list from FoxyCart
  • Added 0.7.2 receipt template caching functionality
  • Updated to jQuery 1.7.0
  • Made some admin styling tweaks
  • See Release Notes for more details


  • Important: Double serialization corrected!
  • Updated datafeed so that FoxyShop processes are now protected within functions
  • Added filters for the related products areas
  • Added "Minimize" button to product variations to help manage when there are many
  • Added 0.7.2 custom field search support to orders, subscriptions, and customers
  • Added transaction template change support for subscriptions
  • Subscription detail view now updated immediately after saving in admin
  • Bugfix: Bundled text link wasn't adding url with numeric prefix
  • Ampersand not allowed in product variation name. Doesn't work with validation.
  • See Release Notes for more details

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Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0
Last Updated: 2014-8-13
Downloads: 21,634


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