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Foliopress WYSIWYG

Foliopress WYSIWYG is the editor you were always hoping for, every time you installed a new content management system.

  • Fix for bad editor size - if you upgraded Foliopress WYSIWYG and then Worpdress to 3.8, it might remove the option.

  • Due to compatibility issues editor was disabled for IE 10.0 and IE 11.0 and notice about using different browser is displayed.
  • Added Serbian language translation. Thank you goes to http://www.webhostinghub.com !

  • Important fix for featured image function

  • Added support for translations for the WordPress part
  • Added missing language hooks for editor and image manager

  • Fix for XSS vulnerability in unused part of plugin

  • Fix for FV Flowplayer button
  • Fix for editor height when upgrading WordPress to 3.7 version

  • Fix for new FV Flowplayer button
  • Fix for some PHP warnings

  • Bugfix for setting of featured image
  • Bugfix for editor CSS loader (it was throwing PHP warnings)
  • Bugfix for custom post types without editor support
  • Bugfix for image size limit on upload

  • Bugfix for editor size setting. New WordPress goes not have a setting for number of editor rows anymore, so we have it in plugin settings now (Height of FCKEditor).


  • FCKeditor component upgraded to latest version
  • Version number changed to match FCKeditor
  • Ctrl + right click gets you spelling suggestions if you have browser spellchecker installed
  • Security enhancements


  • WordPress 3.3 display issues fix
  • Featured Image functionality bugfix


  • quick bug fix release for formating drop down


  • quick edit bug fix (it was removing the plain text editing option)
  • new button for easy insertion of embed codes (Youtube, Vimeo etc.)
  • other bugfixes

  • SEO Images autoload bugfix (thanks goes to Edrard!)

  • bugfix for ImageMagick detection when using open_basedir restrictions.

  • editor is for now disabled in IE 9.0 as both FCKEditor and CKEditor are having some issues
  • WP Link Dialog is now optional - check our Advanced settings.


  • WordPress featured image support added! (beta)
  • Support for Impact plugin templates
  • New advanced options - custom field support and image HTML template
  • WordPress Link to post feature added


  • Safari Toolbar disappearing bug fix
  • Package optimization (contains less files)
  • Other bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • WordPress Media Uploader compatibility fixes


  • Bug fixes
  • 'There is a problem opening your configuration file' warning message removed


  • Bug fixes
  • custom-config configuration file replaced by inline JS - less trouble with compatibility issues


  • Added language support
  • WordPress caption support
  • Autosave glitch fixed
  • Image uploader permissions are now configurable


  • works with WordPress 3.0
  • working Word count
  • Flash/no Flash uploader option fixed


  • WordPress autosave support
  • better WordPress MU support
  • HTML entities are not processed by default - keeping your accented characters unchanged


  • Image management tool is now using new version of KFM which works with Safari
  • Image management tool now allows multiple file uploads via built-in Flash uploader
  • Plain text editing option for posts
  • Wpautop and wptexturize are disabled on posts edited with Foliopress WYSIWYG - makes sure your posts have the cleanest and untouched HTML possible


  • WYSIWYG style configuration now resides in plugin options - easier configuration
  • Image management tool now appears with the right year/month/ directory opened
  • All uploaded images above certain height and width (check out plugin options) are sized down to fit into it
  • Works on sites with secured wp-config.
  • Insert FV WordPress Flowplayer button added
  • Pasting dialog receives focus when it appears
  • Dreamhost JSON glitch fixed


  • Easy Toolbar customization
  • Easy Formating dropdown customization


  • Multiple image posting
  • No need to edit any configuration files
  • Available thumbnail sizes are limited by the size of the picture
  • Better security
  • Automatic wpautop can be turned off


  • Safari editor window height issue fixed
  • Firefox spellchecker enabled by default


  • Blockquote button added


  • Introducing the Paste Rich Text Mode button to override standard paste dialog in Firefox and Safari. This lets you select between plain/formated text pasting.
  • Automatic wpautop


  • Foliopress WYSIWYG now works on secure https sites.


  • Bug fixes, new option to hide WordPress Uploader Buttons.


  • SEO Images are now compatible with FTP uploaded files. Read a manual on how to upload files and prepare them on handling with SEO Images.

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-4-11
Downloads: 83,431


3 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars


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