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WordPress slider plugin - Featured Articles Lite

Put featured posts or pages into a fancy JavaScript slider that can be set to display on any category page, page or homepage.

FeaturedArticles for WordPress slideshow plugin allows you to create sliders in your blog pages directly from your already written content, be it posts or pages. With the ability to change any slider aspect by making use of slideshow themes that are delivered with the plugin, almost anything is possible. Also, it offers the possibility to create additional themes (with some PHP, CSS and JavaScript knowledge) that can have custom written animations by extending the base functionality of the main slider script.

Slideshows can be placed by one of these ways (or all at the same time):

  • manual placement directly into your WordPress theme template files (requires editing the template file you want to place a slideshow in and add a small piece of code);
  • shortcode placement directly into a post or page content;
  • widget placement into any widget areas your theme has;
  • automatic placement in any page just above the page loop.

While Lite version of FeaturedArticles provides all the neccessary tools for creating very nice slideshows, PRO version of this same plugin comes in addition with:

  • 6 more themes (2 of them responsive) developed by our developers team (9 in total, 5 video enabled by default in PRO version);
  • video enabled custom slides for YouTube and Vimeo that can replace the image with a video ( See examples here );
  • custom written slides that can be created using the visual editor;
  • slideshows can display custom post types if your WordPress blog has them;
  • for posts and custom post types, selection of posts by taxonomies;
  • mixing of posts, custom posts, pages and custom slides into the same slideshow;
  • visual color scheme editor that allows you to blend-in slideshows into your overall blog design without having to write a single line of CSS;
  • priority support and debugging for 3'rd party plugins and themes conflicts.

Important links:


  • Add, remove, order any slideshow content made of pages or mixed content;
  • Animation control (based on individual themes);
  • Write custom slides by using the WordPress editor (PRO);
  • Put videos in custom slides from Vimeo or YouTube to replace the image for both thumbnails and full background image - compatible with both Flash players and HTML5 players from Vimeo and YouTube(PRO);
  • Customize posts and pages displayed into slideshows by specifying a different title, content, slide background color, image and more;
  • Change themes by choosing from up to 7 currently available themes (only 3 in Lite version);
  • Change theme color palette by simply creating a new color stylesheet that can skin the theme without messing with the CSS responsible for layout;
  • Create color palette stylesheets using a visual editor(PRO);
  • Preview slideshow even before publishing it in your pages.
  • Display slideshows by widgets, shorcodes, manual code snippet or automatic display above any page loop;
  • Create new themes that can completely change the default animations and can add new options fields custom for it in Slider editing in WordPress admin.

These are just a few of the things this plugin can do so just go on and try it for yourself.

What can this plugin be used for? Well, you name it and we'll find a way to make it happen. Guaranteed!

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-6-16
Downloads: 94,973


4 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars


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