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!This plugin hasn't been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

FancyBox for WordPress

Seamlessly integrates FancyBox into your blog: Upload, activate, and you're done. Additional configuration optional.

This changelog is for the WordPress plugin. For the Fancybox main changelog go to its home page.


  • Added support for disabling fancybox on individual hyperlinked images by adding class='nolightbox'. (Thanks to Artem Russakovskii)
  • Added a link to the github project page in the info tab in the settings page.
  • Fixed and cleaned the installation code, new installations of the plugin should work now without need to go to the settings page.
  • Fixed false positives in filenames. (Thanks to Artem Russakovskii)
  • Fixed incompatibility with wordpress installations where the wp-content directory had been renamed.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the version of the plugin to be removed from settings when deactivating the plugin.
  • Improved HTTPS support by using better code to retrieve the plugin url and load files.
  • Removed legacy code to suport upgrading settings from 2.x versions of the plugin. This was done to avoid possible issues with clean installations of the plugin.
  • Updated some CSS rules in jQuery UI
  • Some minor reformatting and cleanup of code (PHP comments, empty lines, )


  • Updated: Localization catalog updated.
  • Updated: Spanish localization.
  • Fixed: Minor change in settings page that may fix options page being invisible in some cases.


  • New: Fancybox v1.3.4 support This includes many new options, like title position.
  • New: Additional FancyBox Calls option that lets the user write their own additional code to use FancyBox on specific areas of the blog, like email subscription buttons, login, etc.
  • New: Revert settings button added to options page. When pressed, a confirmation dialog will appear.
  • New: Improvements in options page, irrelevant settings (settings that depend on a disabled setting) will hide on real time, meaning a cleaner look in the options page.
  • Updated: New cleaner code to select thumbnails on which to apply the fancbox script.
  • Updated: Many parts of plugins rewriten with many improvements in code.
  • Updated: Options are now serialized into a single row in the database.
  • Fixed: Plugin should be SSL friendly from now on.
  • Fixed: Do not call jQuery option in troubleshooting section didn't work if easing was enabled.
  • Fixed: Load at footer options should work better now.
  • Fixed: CSS external files now addded with wp_enqueue_style().
  • Fixed: has_cap error: User level value for options page removed, using role now instead. Thanks to vonkanehoffen.
  • Removed: jQuery "noConflict" Mode option removed bacause jQuery bundled with WordPress always used noConflict.
  • Removed: Base64 data ("") in left and right fancybox link's backgrounds: It didn't seem to be working and it is usually regarded as suspicious code, so it has been removed.


  • Fixed: Callback arguments are no longer added as "null" when they are not set in options page.


  • Fixed: Little error tagging 2.7.3, a file didn't upload and broke options page.
  • Update: Language POT file


  • Fixed: Settings not saving in some browsers. Thanks to supertomate
  • Fixed: JS being added to other plugins' configuration pages. Thanks to Brandon Dove
  • Added: Support section in options page with better information


  • Fixed: Layout problem in options page in WordPress 2.9


  • Fixed: Z-index issue was left out in previus release
  • Fixed: Setting to close fancybox when clicking on the overlay wasn't available in the menu
  • Fixed: Frame width and height options are now in the "Other" tab
  • Fixed: Tabs now translated in Spanish localization


  • New: Fancybox v1.2.6 support
  • New: New Admin page with tabs for better organization of all the options
  • Added: Setting to change the speed of the animation when changing gallery items
  • Added: Setting to enable or disable Escape key to close Fancybox
  • Added: Setting to show or hide close button
  • Added: Setting to close fancybox when clicking on the overlay
  • Added: Setting to enable or disable callback function on start, show and close events
  • Added: Italian translation
  • Added: Russian translation
  • Added: "Load JS at Footer" option
  • Added: New Changelog tab in WordPress Plugin Directory
  • Fixed: Some typos in Spanish translation
  • Fixed: FancyBox not showing above some elements (those with zindex higher than 90)
  • Fixed: JavaScript code being included in all admin pages instead of just the plugin's options page.
  • Fixed: noClonflict preventing frames to work in Fancybox
  • Fixed: Custom frame width and height not being applied
  • Updated: Japanese translation
  • Updated: JS is now Minified instead of Packed


  • Optimized the JavaScript code used to apply FancyBox
  • Updated Custom Expression section in Options Page
  • Fixed uppercase image extensions not being recognized
  • CSS is now loaded before the JavaScript for better parallelization
  • jquery.easing.1.3.js compressed (from 8,10kb to 3,47kb) and renamed to jquery.easing.1.3.pack.js
  • Added Turkish translation (some strings missing)
  • Added Japanese translation (some strings missing)
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Updated to use new Plugin API in WP2.7 for better forward compatibility
  • Removed /wp-content/ reference in fancybox.php for better WP2.8 support
  • Optimized some code readability


  • Fixed the plugin not working when selecting Gallery Type "By Post"
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the title in the IMG tag from being copied to the A tag in some cases
  • Fixed the Custom Expression showing in the Admin panel when other gallery types are selected


  • Support for localizations (Spanish and German localizations included)
  • Some parts of the code completely rewritten
  • Fixed fancybox files being loaded on the admin pages
  • New options for close button position, custom jquery expressions, iframe content
  • Options page mostly rewritten, better organized
  • Medium/advanced, troubleshooting/uninstall options collapsable, hidden by default
  • Better support guidelines and links on options page
  • Settings link on the Manage plugins page
  • Custom expression hidden when not used
  • Title atribute on IMG tags is now copied to its parent A tag for better caption support
  • New uninstall options and better handling of new options when installing/updating
  • Cleans any old options no longer needed when plugin is activated/updated


  • Updated to FancyBox 1.2.1
  • Added new settings to Options Page: Easing, padding size, border color
  • Tweaked CSS to prevent some themes from adding unwanted styles to fancybox (especially background colors and link outlines)
  • Options Page reorganized in three sections: Appearance, Behaviour and Troubleshooting Settings, to make settings easier to find


  • Fixed a new bug introduced in 2.1 that prevented options from being saved. Sorry about the mess :(


  • Fixed a major bug in 2.0 that prevented it from working until plugin's options page was visited
  • Added two options for troubleshooting that might help in some cases if the plugin doesn't work: disable jQuery noConflict and skip jQuery call
  • Additional fixes to caption CSS: Captions should look better now in Hybrid theme, child themes, and other situations where general table elements are improperly styled


  • Brand new Options Page in Admin Panel lets you easely customize many options: fancybox auto apply, image resize to fit, opacity fade while zooming, zoom speed, overlay on/off, overlay color, overlay opacity, close fancybox on image click, keep fancybox centered while scrolling
  • CSS completely updated for FancyBox 1.2.0
  • Captions fixed in IE


  • Shadows and Close button should be fixed now


  • Updated to FancyBox 1.2.0
  • Uses packed version of the JavaScript file (8kb instead of 14kb)


  • Fixed FancyBox not being applied to .jpeg files
  • Fixed "Click to close" overlay text
  • Moved images to /img/ folder

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 2012-7-12
Downloads: 546,195


4 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars


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