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Add Facebook social plugins and the ability to publish new posts to a Facebook Timeline or Facebook Page. Official Facebook plugin.

Custom actions & filters


  • facebook_settings_before_header_$hook_suffix - add content to a settings page before the main page header section
  • facebook_settings_after_header_$hook_suffix - add content to a settings page after the main page header section
  • facebook_settings_footer_$hook_suffix - add content to a settings page below the wrapper div
  • facebook_comment_form_before - comment form pluggable action replacing the WordPress comment_form() equivalent action comment_form_before
  • facebook_comment_form_after - comment form pluggable action replacing the WordPress comment_form() equivalent action comment_form_after


  • facebook_features - limit the plugin features available on your site
  • facebook_jssdk_init_options - customize arguments sent to the FB.init function of the Facebook JavaScript SDK
  • facebook_jssdk_init_extras - add extra JavaScript to the fbAsyncInit JavaScript function called after the Facebook JavaScript SDK is loaded
  • facebook_content_filter_priority - choose the priority of Facebook social plugin filters attached to the_content filter. Affects where Facebook content is output on your page relative to other plugins attached to the_content
  • fb_locale - directly define your site locale based on the list of Facebook locale mappings
  • facebook_excerpt_length - choose a custom length, in words, of a post excerpt generated for use in the Open Graph protocol description. default: 55
  • facebook_excerpt_more - string appearing at the end of a truncated excerpt string. default: "…"
  • fb_rel_canonical - customize the canonical URL used by Facebook for a post. Affects Open Graph protocol URL definitions, URL references sent in Open Graph actions, and more. default: result of get_permalink()
  • facebook_comment_schema_org - override output of search engine friendly comments content using Schema.org microdata markup
  • facebook_comments_number_more - override the default "% Comments" text used to generate a client-side comments number. similar to WordPress' comments_number more parameter
  • facebook_og_type - set an Open Graph object type for a specific post early in the Open Graph process. Affects Open Graph protocol properties built with the page and later passed to fb_meta_tags. Affects Open Graph action publishing: only an article may be published to a Facebook Timeline using the news.publishes action
  • fb_meta_tags - Customize Open Graph protocol markup before it is output to the page
  • facebook_ogp_prefixed - true to always use prefixed properties (og:title) or false to use full IRI properties (http://ogp.me/ns#title)
  • facebook_rdfa_mappings - array of RDFa references with desired prefix. Used to remap Open Graph protocol properties from a full IRI to a prefix
  • facebook_wp_comments_title - set a custom title for the Facebook comments template
  • facebook_wp_list_comments - customize the arguments sent to wp_list_comments for display of WordPress comments inside the Facebook comments template
  • facebook_comments_wrapper - override the display of Facebook comments fetched from Facebook servers for display on the page. default: noscript. set to an empty string to prevent fetch and inclusion
  • fb_get_user_meta - fetch a user meta value by attaching to this filter, bypassing the WordPress user meta API
  • fb_update_user_meta - update a user meta value by attaching to this filter, bypassing the WordPress user meta API
  • fb_delete_user_meta - delete a user meta value by attaching to this filter, bypassing the WordPress user meta API

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9
Last Updated: 2014-3-11
Downloads: 1,578,837


2 stars
2.7 out of 5 stars


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