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Every Calendar +1 for WordPress

A WordPress plugin that integrates calendars, repeating events, custom post types, maps, offsite linking and has widget support.


  • Fix issue with CIVICRM_SETTINGS_PATH redefinition leading to include failure
  • WP 3.8 compatibility checks


  • Updated to FullCalendar 1.6.4 - includes new visuals
  • Added option to use CDNJS for FullCalendar
  • Added support for CiviCRM events
  • Event List Shortcode now uses the settings feed icon instead of fixed date icon


  • Updated to FullCalendar 1.5.4 - supporting new WP3.5 jQuery
  • Added Mapstraction library for more map providers
  • Added support for OpenLayers (OSM) mapping using Mapstraction
  • Added widget support and a simple upcoming event list widget
  • Added some screenshots


  • Fixed feature events wrapping end of years


  • Added better support for non year/month/day permalinks
  • Fixed server not at UTC date() bug when editing event


  • Fixed cache buffer between repeat cache points (was 1 day now 10s)
  • Better error checking for cache range date points


  • Better cache coverage when updating the repeat until date
  • Exclude cache entries that cause errors


  • Typos when using repeat until paradigm
  • Repeat until date now shown as date not timestamp in event edit


  • Fixed PHP 5.2 double colon static class method call from class as variable


  • Fixed PHP 5.2 HEREDOC bug in includes/data/sql.php
  • Added option to disable max cache size


  • Repeating events! This was the most requested feature...
  • Updated FullCalendar javascript (1.5.3)
  • Remove old reference to qtip (qtip was never used)
  • Added RSS feed for a calendar it's in the same place as iCal / Webcal
  • Can now have both a FullCalendar and Event List on same page (Joseph Carrington)
  • Numerous bug fixes and value sanity checking


  • Added support for event specific colors (NOTE: Feature Event colors still take precendence)
  • Added support for users to specify other calendars the event can appear on (extra to featured)


  • Fixed bug when event time was 12 midday would be converted to 12 midnight
  • Enforced no pagination on the events-json feed to make sure all events are loaded


  • Fixed show_time_on_all_day parameter so it works when events span multiple days


  • Added many more configuration options: calendar and event posts are now controlled by templates
  • Fixed bug so calendar renders as week on load (if chosen)
  • Removed PEAR HTTP libaries in preference for WP HTTP_API
  • Can now choose Icon for Calendar Export links
  • Upgraded to FullCalendar 1.5.2


  • Added [eventlist name="X" start="X" until="X"] shortcode (starting/until take human datetime strings and are optional)
  • The [eventlist] shortcode gives a blog like looking list of events for the calendar
  • Added initial beta support for Gravity Forms Custom Post Type plugin for Events (only for Events).



  • Added MySQL support for GMT timezone conversion - fixes permalink bug where MySQL timezone is not GMT


  • Client side CSS for popup links


  • Added better permalinks for the event post type: /event/%year%/%month%/%day%/event-name
  • First tagged stable release on the WordPress Plugin Directory
  • Added screenshots to the repository


  • Fixed bugs where PHP 5.3 API changed from PHP 5.2 now compatible with PHP 5.2
  • Tidy up the readme file


  • First major release with documented functionaility


  • Functional support for event and calendar types but no maps or external feeds


  • Initial plugin creation

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-2-2
Downloads: 10,352


4 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars


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