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Event Rocket

Experimental extension for The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO adding shortcodes, front page events and more.

How can I find out more?

The wiki contains more detail on various topics and is often worth looking at if you need more information.

How do I put the main events page on the front page of my site/blog?

  • With Event Rocket activated, visit the Settings → Reading admin screen
  • Choose a static page for the front page
  • Select Main Events Page for the Front Page option
  • Save!

What are the shortcodes used to embed different widgets in pages/posts?

  • [event_rocket_calendar] embeds the calendar widget
  • [event_rocket_list] embeds the list widget
  • [event_rocket_countdown] embeds the event countdown widget
  • [event_rocket_venue] embeds the featured venue widget

Please note however that if you are not using Events Calendar PRO then any widgets specific to that plugin (such as the countdown and calendar widget) will not be available.

Can I embed arbitrary events with a shortcode?

Yes - you can use the [event_embed] shortcode to do this (please see here). Examples:

  • [event_embed from="2014-07-01" to="2014-07-31"] grab events in July
  • [event_embed from="2014-10-01" category="fruit"] grab events starting in October that belong to the category fruit

How can I specify the venue or event ID?

Both the countdown and venue widgets need to know which event or venue you are referring to. All of the following are examples of acceptable ways to pass this information:

  • [event_rocket_venue id="123"] which is nice and short
  • [event_rocket_venue venue_id="123"] is also allowed
  • [event_rocket_countdown id="789"] this time the ID relates to the event
  • [event_rocket_countdown event_id="789"] again you can be more explicit if you wish

How do I specify a category (when embedding the list widget)?

The list widget allows you to specify a category of events. This is also possible via the corresponding shortcode, simply do this:

[event_rocket_list category="987"]

Where 987 would be replaced with the actual category ID you wish to use.

How can I make the countdown widget display seconds?

You can let it know you want the seconds to be displayed by using the show_seconds attribute, something like this:

[event_rocket_countdown id="789" show_seconds="true"]

How can I cleanup events data?

A new menu option will appear in the WordPress tools menu labelled 'Cleanup events data' - by default this only appears when The Events Calendar is deactivated. You are strongly cautioned to make a full and complete backup before using this tool (and, of course, should make yourself aware of the steps needed to restore that backup).

Cleanup make take quite a while (it really depends on how many events you have, etc) but every so often the screen will update while the job is in progress to let you see how much work still needs to be done. Recommendation is to grab a coffee and a newspaper or else simply leave it running in its own browser tab.

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-6-18
Downloads: 2,654


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