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Uploading by logged-in users of sets of image files and associated data. Administrators design the upload form, and download the images and data.


  • Removed a stray newline that broke the update process on some servers


  • Allow for compressing several columns into one in the webform view
  • Facility to schedule the automatic closing of a webform
  • Fields with 'XFQ' in their identifiers are not displayed in the followup form
  • Minor changes to the followup form display
  • Use the local timezone when adding a date to the filename of a downloaded file


  • allow webforms to override the number of items set in the layout
  • sortable columns in list view
  • optional extra per-item data uploadable via csv in the webforms Data Management area and optionally visible in a followup form
  • warn of spaces in option field values, and of missing image column selector in item list view
  • in webform displays, show a warning if the form is too wide to fit in the page
  • fixed some IE versions adding space between data table and submit button when data is changed
  • made it easier to drag a field to the top or bottom in the layout screen
  • made accidental re-submission of forms more difficult
  • in layout page, disable individual option maximum numbers bigger than the overall maximum


  • fixed a problem setting the change date for new installations
  • got rid of some warning messages


  • added checkbox and radio button field types
  • allow some html tags in data uploaded by admin
  • option for display in spreadsheet of pages the item was attached to
  • option for display in spreadsheet of data uploaded by admin
  • record upload date and date of most recent change separately, make both available for display in spreadsheet
  • fixed a situation where some themes could show the image on the upload form at full size instead of as a thumbnail
  • fixed an error in the documentation for the followup display: the parameter is called 'idents', not 'webforms'
  • fixed an issue where a "clear" button appeared incorrectly on the upload form
  • documentation


  • added an experimental facility for a "followup" form that displays the results of several webforms with the same layout, and allows users to add one more piece of information to each item, without being able to edit the previously uploaded data.
  • improvements to the item-list admin page: Settings for attaching images to pages are now remembered, and the selection data used for the display are shown at the top of the page.
  • improved handling of duplicate filenames when attaching images to pages.
  • in extra data uploaded by admin: allow html and
    , and some improvement in error handling.
  • removed visible empty column in webform


  • fixed image files not being deleted after a failed upload from an older browser
  • fixed warning appearing on upgrade
  • automatically remove old zipfiles when new ones created ( partial files from failed downloads will still need to be removed manually )
  • on webforms page, don't allow "apply prefix" if no prefix is set
  • improved some error messages


  • Changed to optionally add the prefix to the image file on upload instead of on download, making it easier to download image files with the correct prefix via ftp. This required the removal of the item_id substitution option in the prefix.
  • Changed to require a minimum longest dimension for uploaded images instead of a minimum area. Where a value was already set for the minimum area, set the minimum longest dimension to the square root of the minimum area. This makes it possible to require the longest dimension to be within certain limits.
  • Widened the text input field for the prefix.
  • Alert the user if no action is selected on the item list page.
  • Remember previously selected parameters on the item list page.
  • Move progess bar to above submit button on upload form.
  • Fixed bottom apply button not working on the item list page.
  • Fixed to work with a wordpress admin area that uses https.
  • Fixed an error in the custom field substitution code.
  • Improved some error message handling.
  • Fixed bad help display on admin item list page


  • changed method of handling custom data, to avoid having to edit the plugin's own files.
  • increased time limit for upload processing
  • fixed bug in display of some error messages in older browsers


  • stop users from uploading to a closed webform using an old page


  • fixed a problem displaying webforms when the user does not have full permissions
  • make sure a new, unsaved layout can only delete itself, not the one it copied
  • help items for image size and dimensions
  • avoid a warning when there are no option-type fields in a layout
  • more informative error message for an invalid csv file upload
  • allow more time for the upload
  • remove the "


h2>" that was displaying in the "please wait" message when images are uploaded * do not ask for confirmation on deletion if webform was not saved


  • dont use the get_cimyFieldValue when Cimy Extra Fields plugin not used


  • fix a problem when deleting a field from a layout
  • fix "copy layout" to copy the correct layout
  • fix display of some error messages
  • only ask for confirmation of a deletion if the item has been saved
  • ensure an option field has at least 1 option before saving

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-5-13
Downloads: 820


5 stars
5 out of 5 stars


2 of 3 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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