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CM Tooltip Glossary

Easily create a Glossary, Encyclopaedia or Dictionary of your terms and show tooltip when users hover over. Many powerful features


  • Fixed the "parse_error" bug in PHP versions <5.3
  • Limited the maximum number of terms displayed on the Glossary Index Page to 500 (to limit the memory usage)


  • Added setting to run the function displaying the Glossary Index only once
  • Improved the option saving
  • Fixed some PHP notices
  • Fixed the problem with saving the "-None-" Glossary Index Page option
  • Updated the explanation of how the Glossary Index Page is created


  • Added the menu icon
  • Added setting to disable highlighting only on the "main" WP_Query


  • Fixed the unclosed div bug
  • Fixed the title of the Glossary Index Page when there's permalink conflict
  • Displaying "Glossary Index Page ID" settings in separate line
  • Fixed the setting "Avoid parsing protected tags?"


  • Changed the "Glossary Index Page ID" input from textbox to select
  • Updated the descriptions of "Glossary Index Page ID" and "Glossary Index Page Permalink"
  • Added option to generate the "Glossary Index Page"
  • Added new column in "System Information" with information if the setting is OK


  • Fixed the bug with 'persistent' tooltip


  • Fixed the bug with Permalinks not being changed on Settings save


  • Fixed the bug which disabled the Woocommerce support after save
  • Fixed saving the settings


  • Fixed bugs
  • Added warning message about missing "mbstring" library
  • Added [All] and [0-9] elements to the nav list


  • Completely redesinged the settings page
  • Refreshed tooltip looks
  • Changed the names of the options


  • Added the "mbstring" check to the System Information tab
  • Fixed the conflict with "NextGen Gallery"
  • Fixed the bug with "&" character in synonyms


  • Fixed the conditions in "the_content" filters


  • Added the support for BuddyPress (custom type for filter: "bp_blogs_record_comment_post_types")
  • Added "Edit Glossary Item" to the admin bar
  • Fixed the tooltip positioning
  • Added the link to the "Trash" (for trashed glossary terms)


  • Update the user guide link


  • Fixed notifications appearing on some plugin installations
  • Fixed the style for the tiles when removed links to glossary pages


  • Fixed a PHP bug which happened when post_title was empty


  • Added link in setting to glossary index location


  • Updated plugin site links and about pages


  • Fixed bug with replacing single quotes with backticks
  • tested with WP 3.5.2
  • Fixed slashes before single quotes in tooltip content


  • Added user guide


  • Fixed special characters (e.g. umlauts) parsing


  • Added revisions to glossary term


  • Added right single quotation mark to normalization


  • Content normalized regarding special characters like single quote and ampersand, which were encoded differently based on environment, editor and other factors.


  • Fixed problem with (*UTF8) flag not being recognized on all PHP environments
  • Added one-time admin notice about PRO version


  • Fixed problem with html entities in glossary term name (ampersand, apostrophe, etc.)


  • Install bug fix and add comments to glossary


  • Minor fix in styling
  • Allow users with "edit_posts" capability to add/edit glossary terms
  • Added "/u" (UTF8) flag to regex to force UTF8 encoding
  • Glossary main page is now automatically created upon activation if not exists


  • Added "open glossary description in new window/tab" option to settings panel
  • Added onclick event on tooltip, so if you using touch device, you just need to click on the tooltip to hide it.
  • Changed parsing mechanism
  • Added http://www.cminds.com backlink


  • Added "case-sensitive" option to settings panel
  • Fixed bug when slash character inside glossary term was causing problems
  • Added default z-index:100 to tooltip CSS


  • Fixed bug when multiline tooltips were not displayed correctly on Glossary List
  • Fixed bug when glossary list was displayed in the bottom of all pages/posts when Glossary Page ID was not set in Settings
  • Terms that are substrings of current glossary item are not highlighted now on glossary definition page
  • Fixed bug when term with brackets inside was not highlighted
  • Added "Published/Trash" filter for glossary terms


  • Bug fix with escaped single qoutations


  • Reorganize admin menu
  • Added 'with_front'=false for rewrite item


  • Added alphabetical letter index for glossary list
  • Added option to style glossary list as tiles instead of regular list
  • Do not show glossary explanation tooltip when on its explanation page
  • Do not show [glossary_exclude] tag in tooltips
  • Fix bug when excluded tags were embedded into other excluded tags
  • Fix bug when glossary terms were substrings of other glossary terms and only the shortest was caught (Thanks to Torsten Keil)
  • Fix bug when HTML code in tooltip content causes page to break
  • Thanks for Paul Ryan (prar@hawaii.edu) for his code contribution and Sebastian Palus for his addition and bug fixes


  • Add A tag to the list of tags to ignore (Thanks to Robert Gilman)
  • Change activation mechanisim (Thanks to Robert Gilman)
  • Fix bug when using excerpt (Thanks to Robert Gilman)


  • First release nased on revised version on TooltipGlossary
  • Optimized code and bug fix from TooltipGlossary
  • Added [glossary_exclude] text [/glossary_exclude]
  • Added filters to clean tooltip text
  • Avoid changing URL using this format: href='url' in adition to href=""
  • Add extended functionality including excluding H1, H2, H3, Script, Object tags
  • Use the excerpt (if it exists) as hover text.
  • Remove term link to the glossary page
  • Limits for tooltip length

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.0
Last Updated: 2014-4-17
Downloads: 23,554


4 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars


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