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Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials is a simple-to-use plugin for adding Testimonials to your WordPress Theme, using a shortcode or a widget.

  • Minor update.

  • Update: hides output of all but first testimonial when using cycled testimonial output.


  • Feature: adds ability to randomize the order of the cycled testimonials.


  • Feature: adds Captcha to Front End Testimonial Submission.
  • Update: add more classes to output to allow more control with CSS, such as client and position.
  • Fix: address undefined index notice in sidebar widget.


  • Update: adds option to apply The Content filter to Testimonial output.
  • Update: reposition custom CSS output for validation purposes.


  • Fix: address issue with Continue Reading links leading to 404 pages.
  • Update: respect wordpress content formatting in testimonials.
  • Fix: change position of Testimonials menu item, so that it doesn't dissappear in some situations.


  • Update: adds wrapping class to submission success message.
  • Update: updates form output to properly use output buffering.


  • Feature: adds ability to control the labels, description, and display of certain fields on the submission form.
  • Feature: adds the ability to receive notifications at a specified e-mail address on new submissions.
  • Update: restructure queries to load a bit faster.


  • Fix: address deprecated function use in widget.
  • Fix: fix issue using Fade transition with the Widget.


  • Feature: Adds more javascript transitions to Pro version.
  • Fix: Addresses a PHP notice.

  • Update: Adds ability to use the excerpt with Read More functionality via the cycle shortcode.
  • Minor Feature: Adds ability to control output of images in the via the cycle shortcode.


  • Feature: Outputs shortcode to list testimonials in a category inside the Category list in the admin area.
  • Feature: Adds ability to control image display via the shortcodes.


  • Pro Feature: Adds the ability to control the size of images that are displayed.


  • Feature: Adds ability to create Categories for Testimonials, and to only display Testimonials by Category.

  • Fix: Fixes issue with "Fade" transition being locked out.


  • Feature: Adds option to output Mystery Man avatar, if no other image is available.
  • Minor Fix: Address CSS issue with sliding testimonials.

  • Pro Feature: Adds Support for more Cycle2 Transitions.

  • Compatibilty Option Update: Adds option to disable Cycle2 JavaScript that is included with Easy Testimonials.
  • Minor Fix: Address bug in single testimonial shortcode output.


  • Feature: Adds ability to display either the Excerpt or the Full Content of the Testimonial.
  • Update: Addresses compatibility issues with the slider on several different Themes by moving Javascript to Footer.
  • Pro Version Fix: Address bug with front-end testimonial submission.

  • Update: set height of sidebar testimonial cycle container to match height of content inside.


  • Feature: Adds Testimonial Cycle Widget to Appearance section.


  • Update: Shortcode examples to help embed single testimonials.
  • Feature: Support for Cycle 2 via Shortcode.


  • Minor Fix: address bug in registration.


  • New Pro Feature: Submit Testimonials from the front end!


  • Fix: only output testimonial titles in the widget if the option is checked.


  • Fix: output correct title with random testimonials.


  • Feature: ability to output title of the testimonial with the shortcode.


  • Fix: address mistargeted CSS in new theme.


  • New Style Available: Clean Style. With the clean style, you'll get smooth looking avatars and a clean, clear layout for your testimonial text. Looks great with the TwentyThirteen theme!
  • Update: Adds Classes to paragraph tags in the testimonial list, for easier CSS targeting.


  • Fix: Featured Image should no longer break in your themes.
  • Feature: Ability to set a number of random testimonials to output, with the shortcode or the widget.
  • Feature: Ability to set a number of testimonials to appear via the standard testimonial shortcode.
  • Feature: Ability to set Custom CSS via the Settings panel.

  • Minor Fix: address warning message output when no pre-existing featured image support is found.


  • Fix: address issue where Featured Image support was only applied to Testimonials, after activating this plugin.


  • Fix: address some code quirks that were causing activation errors in certain web environments.


  • Fix: no longer display Read More when looking at full list view.


  • Fix: tiny CSS error.


  • New Feature: Adds support for themes, for easy styling. Includes a few themes.


  • Minor edits.


  • New Feature: Option to Display the Custom Fields above or below the Testimonials. Defaults to Below.
  • Update: Compatible with WordPress 3.6.


  • New Feature: Testimonials Now Support Images!


  • Released!

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-9
Downloads: 40,777


4 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars


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