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Easy Restaurant Menu Manager

Makes it easy for a restaurant to maintain an online menu. Includes categories, prices and descriptions that are a snap to update.

Easy Restaurant Menu Manager

Tired of using PDFs to post your restaurant's menus online? Easy Restaurant Menu Manager makes it simple to add and update all your dishes in a way that's easy for your site's visitors to read and easy for you to maintain. You can add categories like appetizers, entrees or desserts -- name them whatever you want -- and set the order those categories should display in. Include a description for each item, and decide whether or not you want to display the price. Want to tweak the display? Add CSS right from the plugin, without fiddling with theme files. This plugin isn't just for restaurants. Spas, service stations and others can use it to share their menu of services.

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We offer a free version of ERMM, as well as an extended paid version. Your purchase allows us to continue developing and improving the plugin, while providing free support through our Zen Desk support forum.

Free Version

  • Easy restaurant menu management
  • Place restaurant menus anywhere with shortcodes
  • Built in print view with printer friendly stylesheet
  • RSS Feed for each menu
  • Multiple layouts for items
  • Easily activate and deactivate menu items to match your inventory
  • Easy CSS customizations of views
  • Easy HTML/PHP customizations of views for full control
  • Supports common responsive frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation
  • Filter which categories get shown through the shortcode

Extended Version

  • Create multiple menus
  • WYSIWYG editor on menu and category descriptions
  • Media Uploader on menu item image fields
  • Create and edit your own icons for labeling items like new or spicy


  • There is an Extended Version with more features and better support.
  • There is a Daily Specials Add-on widget that connects to existing menus and allows you to set specials for each day of the week!
  • Add your feature requests through the SAI Digital Labs forum and we will put them on the dev list! Note: SAI Digital Labs Plugin development is funded through purchases of the extended version and donations.

Requires: 3.1.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-4-15
Downloads: 32,745


3 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars


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