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Easy Recent Posts

An easy to use WordPress function to add recent posts to any WordPress theme.

How do I display the results in my PHP code?

<?php thisismyurl_easy_recent_posts(); ?>

How do I display the results in my posts?

Include the shortcode [thisismyurl_easy_recent_posts] in any post or page.

How do I include the results as a widget?

On your Widgets page, simply drag and drop the widget to your sidebar!

=General results= Without passing any parameters, the plugin will return ten results or fewer depending on how many posts you have.

<?php thisismyurl_easy_recent_posts(); ?>

=Specific number of results= If you would like to return a specific number of results as your maximum:

<?php thisismyurl_easy_recent_posts('count=10'); ?>

=Altering the before and after values=< By default the plugin wraps your code in list item (<li>) tags but you can specify how to format the results using the following code:

<?php thisismyurl_easy_recent_posts('before=<p>&after=</p>'); ?>

=The Order=< You can now change the order of the results using ASC, DESC or RAND to return the results in ascending, descending or random order.

<?php thisismyurl_easy_recent_posts('order=ASC'); ?>

=Echo vs. Return= Finally, if you'd like to copy the results into a variable you can return the results as follows:

<?php thisismyurl_easy_recent_posts('show=false'); ?>

=Combining Arguements=

If you'd like to call multiple arguments you can do so by separating them with a & symbol:

<?php thisismyurl_easy_recent_posts('show=false&order=ASC'); ?>

Requires: 3.0.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2013-7-6
Downloads: 2,562


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3 out of 5 stars


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