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!This plugin hasn't been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Easy Post-to-Post Links

Version: 0.9 Easily reference another post in your blog using a shortcut, either by id or post slug. The shortcut is replaced with the hyperlinked t

How do I use the shortcut in a post to link to another post?

To easily link to another post, in your post: a. type (where '22' is the post id of the post you want to reference) -or- b. type (where "hello-world" is the post slug of the post you want to reference)

In either case, if a matching post is found, the shortcut will be replaced with the title of the post hyperlinked to the post's permalink.

Where do I find the ID for the post I want to reference?

Some of the ways: * In the admin section, under "Manage", it should be the first column in the posts listing. * If you aren't using rewrite rules, it is the number after the "p=" in the post's URL.

Where do I find the post slug for the post I want to references?

Some of the ways: * If you know the manner in which post titles are turned into slugs (i.e. make all characters lowercase, turn spaces into underscores, and remove all other alphanumeric characters). you could figure it out on your own, i.e. "Hello World!" becomes "hello-world" * If you are using rewrite rules, it is the part that follows the date in the URL. * If you edit the post, it'll appear under the "Advanced" section

What happens if it doesn't find a post that matches what I put within the double-quotes?

The shortcut will be replaced with an empty string (i.e. nothing).

Are there any special situations where this might not work properly?

An incorrect substitution will take place if you happen to have a post with a numerical title (and thus a numerical post slug).

Last Updated: 2005-3-24
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