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Easy PayPal

Easy PayPal gets you started with your online business. Use PayPal IPN to sell digital goods without a shopping cart or complicated e-commerce setup.

  1. Use WordPress plugin install interface to upload the contents of the archive easy-paypal to your server.
  2. Use the WordPress Admin page under Settings -> Easy PayPal to make changes.
  3. Upload your products using this interface.

Before you upload products (in step 3), you may have to create a product storage directory for ezPayPal. Again, the interface will prompt you with the command to execute.

Note that you have to use pretty permalinks for the auto-generated shop front to work. Take a look at the URL address of the shop front (in the address bar on your web browser). Does it say something like http://your.blog/?p=123? If so, go to your WordPress dashboard, Settings -> Permalinks and select any setting other than the (ugly) default one.


Once a product is added to your repository, your e-shop is ready to be displayed on your blog. The display is controlled using WordPress ShortCodes. In order to show the whole shop, create a new page or post with the short code [ezshop]. This will present your whole e-shop in a neat tabular form. Note that by default, a page with the slug ez-shop is created for you. Please do not delete this page even if you create other e-shop pages.

Each product can be displayed as a "Buy Now" kind of link with the short code `[ezshop buy='prodID' link='yes']Buy this product now![/ezshop]. This will insert a link, which when clicked, will take your reader to a PayPal page to buy the product.

If you drop the link='yes' part, the page will transfer the reader to PayPal without waiting for user click.

You can display your product links using `[ezshop show='prodID' link='yes']Buy this product now![/ezshop]. This part is not fully developed yet, but it will show page describing your product benefits, with a count-down timer which will take your reader to PayPal in fifteen seconds.

Installing Extensions

Installing the extension modules is equally easy. To install the reporting engine, for instance, just click on the Reports link on top right hand side part of your ezPayPal screen (on its WordPress Admin page) and follow the wizard-like instructions.

More Documentation

In your plugin folder, under docs, you will comprehensive documentation of the plugin. It is designed in such a way that you will be able to call up the relevant pages from the pages in a context-sensitive way.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-6-18
Downloads: 31,288


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3.3 out of 5 stars


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