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Easy PayPal

Easy PayPal gets you started with your online business. Use PayPal IPN to sell digital goods without a shopping cart or complicated e-commerce setup.

This plugin is quite complex. Do you have more documentation?

In your plugin folder, under docs, there is the beginning of a full documentation. It is designed in such a way that you will be able to call up the relevant pages from the pages in a context-sensitive way. Future releases will progressively add more complete documentation.

The documentation is also hosted at my site in HTML and PDF formats.

How can I contact the plugin author if I need help?

This plugin uses a paid support model in order to manage the support load. Each support ticket will be charged at $0.95 for the Lite version (and for the Pro version after a short free support period). The support ticket is valid for 72 hours.

How do I customize the look and feel of the download page?

Please edit the included file custom.php and uncomment the custom header and footer functions. You can then provide your own code for these functions, following the examples of the ezppHeader() and ezppFooter() functions in htmlHelper.php.

I have trouble uploading my products. What do I do?

Your product files are uploaded into a directory with a random name (so that a potential hacker will have hard time guessing it). It is likely that your web server doesn't have the privileges to create or modify this folder and files within. Click on the Show button on your Admin Control Panel to see what the directory name is. Then create the directory with that name, and apply chmod 777 to make it writeable.

I have installed, unloaded a product. Now what?

Please see the "Installation" section in this readme. It will tell you how to display your products and e-shop on your blog.

How do I manage products?

Looks like I can define only one product?!

To add a new product, type in a product code in the "Product Code" field. You can then specify the rest of the product details.

To edit an existing product, select it using the drop-down menu (or type in its product code.) The product will be loaded and you can edit its details, just like defining a new product.

Note that the drop-down menu is editable. To add a new product, just type in a new Product Code even when the drop-down menu looks like a menu. This is the point that confused some of my users, leading them to think that they couldn't define new products.

My shop front says "Product not found." But I have defined my products. What's going on?

This happens when your permalink structure has not been prettified, in which case WordPress doesn't use the page slug for the auto-generated shop page. To confirm, look at the URL address of the shop front (in the address bar on your web browser). Does it say something like http://your.blog/?p=123? If so, go to your WordPress dashboard, Settings -> Permalinks and select any setting other than the (ugly) default one.

My shop page seems messed up. Formatting and line widths are all wrong. How can I fix it?

The format may get messed up when your theme tries to smart format the page by adding <p> or <br /> tags. If you can disable it for your theme (by adding a [raw] tag for instance, as with the themes by MySiteMyWay), please do so for the auto-generated ez-shop page. You may also have to deactivate the wpautop() filter, probably by using this plugin.

I see some text ([raw] and [/raw]) around my shop page. How can I get rid of it?

For themes from MySiteMyWay, this plugin adds these short tags in an attempt to prevent auto-formatting. If you switched to a new theme, you may have these tags visible. You can get rid of them by simply editing the auto-generated ez-shop page.

I change the currency in the product definition, but my sale page shows Dollar sign. Why?

Full multi-currency support is available only in the Pro Version. I tried porting it to the lite version, but it turned out to be too complicated.

I don't like the auto-generated shop page. Can you modify it?

The ez-shop page is not meant to be a public page. It is a page needed for the plugin to receive messages from PayPal and handle them. It is also a quick page to show you that the plugin is working. Please create a pretty page with links using short codes as described below.

Each product can be displayed as a "Buy Now" kind of link with the short code [ezshop buy='product_code']Buy this product now![/ezshop]. This will insert a link, which when clicked, will take your reader to a PayPal page to buy the product.

Please do not delete the ez-shop page though; it is needed as the IPN listener to receive messages from PayPal and process them.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-6-18
Downloads: 31,856


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3.3 out of 5 stars


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