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Easy PayPal

Easy PayPal gets you started with your online business. Use PayPal IPN to sell digital goods without a shopping cart or complicated e-commerce setup.

Future Plans

  1. Extensible Options storage using meta tables. Right now, Easy PayPal stores setup and admin options in a pre-defined DB table. In a future version, it will change to a meta (name-value pair) table. The options currently defined will be migrated there.
  2. New options: Bcc on email, shop title, subtitle, copyright statement etc.
  3. The shop front will handle user-defined, flexible lists of products. That is, it will handle ez-shop.php?[show[=a,b]]
  4. Interface to delete products. Right now, nothing can be deleted from your database for data integrity reasons. Products can be set inactive, which is a proxy to deletion.
  5. The Admin interface will sport Tabs.
  6. Multiple edition support with paid upgrade option for your products. For instance, a Pro Upgrades will be sold only to buyers who have purchased the corresponding Lite edition.
  7. Even more enhanced help system.
  8. Option to link to a Lite version of the products.


  • V5.24: Updating a few language files, minor documentation changes. [Jun 18, 2014]
  • V5.23: Making the storage location relative to fix an issue on Windows systems. [Jun 16, 2014]
  • V5.21: Minor documentation and admin interface changes. [Jun 3, 2014]
  • V5.20: Some bug fixes. Documentation and admin interface changes. [Jun 2, 2014]
  • V5.10: Internationalizing strings. Compatibility with WordPress V3.90. [Apr 25, 2014]
  • V5.01: Adding content length to transaction verification request. [Apr 14, 2014]
  • V5.00: Adding a translation interface. [Mar 21, 2014]
  • V4.30: Compatibility with WordPress 3.8. [Dec 18, 2013]
  • V4.22: Setting up a validator for product_code to allow only alphanumeric and -/_ characters. [Nov 30, 2013]
  • V4.21: Help documentation changes, removing the large PDF file from the repository. [Nov 29, 2013]
  • V4.20: Bug fixes to persist storage location and product under modification. Major changes to the shop page to help the user. Buy Now button now takes only one click to go to PayPal. [Nov 19, 2013]
  • V4.12: Minor fix to suppress a warning. [Nov 18, 2013]
  • V4.11: Bug fixes to suppress notices. [Nov 13, 2013]
  • V4.10: Compatibility with WordPress V3.7. [Nov 9, 2013]
  • V4.00: Compatibility checks with WordPress V3.6. Including HTTP1.1 headers as specified by PayPal. [Aug 23, 2013]
  • V3.90: Introducing internationalization using Google/Microsoft Translate Widgets. [May 20, 2013]
  • V3.83: Fixes for compatibility with Easy Text Links Pro. [May 10, 2013]
  • V3.82: Minor fix in checking for the existence of the Pro version. [May 6, 2013]
  • V3.81: Handling product-specific link expiry. [Mar 29, 2013]
  • V3.80: Adding support for [raw] shorttag. Improvements to session handling and delivery module [Feb 25, 2013]
  • V3.79: Using form submit (instead of JavaScript) in product delivery module. Sanitizing tooltips. [Feb 21, 2013]
  • V3.78: Proper use of SESSION variables. [Feb 18, 2013]
  • V3.77: Serious bug fix. [Feb 15, 2013]
  • V3.76: Bug fix in short code handling and toning down aggressive security checks. [Feb 13, 2013]
  • V3.75: Adding a Quick Start help page. [Feb 4, 2013]
  • V3.74: Bug fixes (Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed). [Jan 28, 2013]
  • V3.73: Minor fixes, testing with WP3.5. [Dec 22, 2012]
  • V3.72: Using business name in validating PayPal transactions. [Dec 5, 2012]
  • V3.71: Documentation changes, updating screenshots. [Nov 6, 2012]
  • V3.70: Bug fixes in shop display. [Oct 29, 2012]
  • V3.61: Documentation changes only. [Oct 2, 2012]
  • V3.60: Admin page changes to include support option. [Sep 28, 2012]
  • V3.58: Updating the PDF documentation to be in sync with the HTML docs. [Sep 25, 2012]
  • V3.57: The storage location is moved to wp_upload_dir so that a plugin update will not wipe out the inventory. [Sep 19, 2012]
  • V3.56: Showing an error message if the product storage location cannot be created automatically. [Sep 8, 2012]
  • V3.55: Showing a warning about Permalinks for the auto-generated shop page to work. Also closing comments on it. [Sep 8, 2012]
  • V3.54: Minor interface and documentation improvements. [Sep 7, 2012]
  • V3.53: Enhancements from user feedback: Partial currency-name support, auto-creation of storage folder etc. [Aug 29, 2012]
  • V3.52: Allowing all-digit product codes. Taking care of some debug notices from WordPress debug mode. [Aug 27, 2012]
  • V3.51: Documentation changes. [Aug 18, 2012]
  • V3.50: Refinements: deactivation_hook, batch and template interface improvements in Pro. [Aug 17, 2012]
  • V3.44: Adding the folder name in a troubleshooting hint. [Aug 15, 2012]
  • V3.43: Fixing an error in the plugins_url name. The CSS and images are located fine now. [July 28, 2012]
  • V3.42: Documentation changes. Bug fix in HTML mail template selection. [July 18, 2012]
  • V3.41: Changing the length of one DB field to support older versions of MySQL. [July 17, 2012]
  • V3.40: Adding Sandbox testing (previously a Pro feature) to the lite version. Using WP table prefix, if it exists. [July 17, 2012]
  • V3.33: Testing compatibility with WP 3.4. [July 11, 2012]
  • V3.31: Minor bug fixes. [July 6, 2012]
  • V3.30: Adding editable select in the product definition screen. [July 5, 2012]
  • V3.22: More documentation, coding improvements, priming the Pro version, links to online docs and manual in the readme.txt file. [July 4, 2012]
  • V3.21: Adding more help files. [July 2, 2012]
  • V3.20: Tests complete. Initial WP release. [June 30, 2012]
  • V3.13: Implemented an auto-generated page ez-shop as IPN listener and delivery. [June 28, 2013]
  • V3.12: Automated Initial installation. [June 27, 2012]
  • V3.11: Initial testing complete. Forking WP version. [June 21, 2012]
  • V3.10: The plugin version (Easy PayPal) is dev complete.
  • V3.02: Bug fixes: empty file in product definition should not delete existing file definition in the DB. New file uploaded should trigger the deletion of the existing file. [May 24, 2012]
  • V3.01: Adding validation of email address in delivery and update modules. [May 22, 2012]
  • V3.00: Ready to cut over on buy.thulasidas.com, with affiliate support. [May 19, 2012]
  • V2.80: Product update handler: Dev and local tests complete. [May 19, 2012]
  • V2.70: New Pro feature: Product updates. [May 17, 2012]
  • V2.60: New Pro feature: Email IPN logs to Webmaster. [May 10, 2012]
  • V2.50: Test complete. Ready to cutover. RC1. [May 9, 2012]
  • V2.40: Deployed on my server. Remote testing of ezPayPal (not ezAffiliates) complete. [May 5, 2012]
  • V2.30: Local testing complete. About to deploy it on the server. [May 4, 2012]
  • V2.20: EZ Affiliates fully integrated. [May 1, 2012]
  • V2.13: Login session timeout implemented. [Apr 23, 2012]
  • V2.12: Minor bug fixes in the new features. Ready to be deployed now. [Apr 22, 2012]
  • V2.11: Completed the Migration Tools. [Apr 21, 2012]
  • V2.10: Added Pro tools: emailTools, salesEditor. Pro features: dispute handler, extra templates, options on html templates, versioning. Integration with ezAffiliates package.
  • V2.00: Numerous improvements. Prepping the Plugin version.
  • V1.10: Numerous improvements. Prepping the Pro version.
  • V1.00: Initial Release

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-6-18
Downloads: 31,426


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3.3 out of 5 stars


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