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DeMomentSomTres Language

DeMomentSomTres Language allows to have different instances of a blog using different languages on a network installation.


  • Additional class based on language


  • bug: recursive redirect


  • Language added after the site name in 'My Sites' menu.
  • 'My Sites' menu sort order based on settings.


  • Value of blog properties public parameter is 2 in some cases. Changes in order to allow 2 or 1.
  • Reciprocal update active by default.


  • get_blog_list() deprecated and changed by wp_get_sites() in function QuBicIdioma_obtenir_blocs().


  • libraries compatibility upgrade

=1.2.1= * skip some problematic redirects

=1.2.05= * javascript optimization: javascript loaded only if required * css optimization: css loaded only if required * redirect errors * force reciprocal update on content save by default

=1.2.04= * redirect landing site to default site via 301 instead of 302.

=1.2.03= * post translation widget can be shown even if empty

=1.2.02= * bug solved: debug info showed to solve 1.2.01 bug not removed.

=1.2.01= * bug solved: when siteurl contains upper cases it started a redirection cycle.

=1.2= * shortcode [DeMomentSomTres-Language class="optional classes"] to show all translations of the main content. * widget Language: post translations * shortcode mode to avoid traditional filters.


  • bug when installed in a directory instead of the root of the web.


  • avoid showing translation on widgets calling custom types.


  • redirect to language keeping url tail


  • minor bugs solving


  • Landing mode optimization


  • Use default language prefix if none is found


  • bug: post language selector shown even if post type is not translatable.


  • Landing site mode: allows to jump to the other sites based on the browser language


  • Duplicate '/' sign in address solved


  • Debugging mistake solved


  • Added to wordpress.org subversion


  • Rebranding of component to new company name: DeMomentSomTres.
  • Translate Idioma to Language.
  • Solved Warning on admin when no language is configured.


  • Additional text only widget on div qibdip_Idioma_Text.


  • Set reciprocal translations. From one bloc you can update all translations relationships. It assumes that the user is allowed to do all operations.
  • Rename of links div in post


  • Page: Add fields to translation allowing to link to other translations of pages.
  • Custom posts: Add fields to translations
  • Take into account post types settings on links


  • Settings: Allows to choose the post_types affected by translation. Limited functionality to administration.
  • Take blog status into account


  • Post: Link to post translation
  • Header: Link on header to go to other site translations


  • File structure change
  • Widget Language Chooser
  • Bloc change based on language


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-19
Downloads: 2,391


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5 out of 5 stars


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