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!This plugin hasn't been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

DandyID Services

Displays all of your online identities (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube, more) as clickable links in your sidebar.

Change History

Rev 1.5.9 2009-Jul-09

  • Added service-name tooltip to each displayed favicon, when configured for "Favicons Only".

Rev 1.5.8 2009-Jun-13

  • Tested with WordPress 2.8.

Rev 1.5.7 2009-Jun-13

  • Added new DandyID services.

Rev 1.5.6 2009-May-28

  • Removed display of title (tool tip) when cursor is hovered over social identity links.

Rev 1.5.5 2009-May-26

  • Added Belorussian translation files. Thanks to Marcis Gasuns for providing the translations.

Rev 1.5.4 2009-May-09

  • Added Danish translation files. Thanks Georg S. Adamsen for providing the translations.

Rev 1.5.3 2009-Apr-25

  • Added new DandyID services.

Rev 1.5.2 2009-Apr-17

  • Added new DandyID services.

Rev 1.5.1 2009-Apr-10

  • Updated title tag to display detailed link url.
  • "Show Favicons only" option now places the "Powered by DandyID" text on separate line.

Rev 1.5.0 2009-Apr-02

  • Added new DandyID services.

Rev 1.4.9 2009-Mar-28

  • Opens clicked-links in new browser window.

Rev 1.4.8 2009-Mar-22

  • Updated plugin-version-number div tag (for validation compliance) to "DandyID-Services-vX.X.X".

Rev 1.4.7 2009-Mar-18

  • Updated descriptions on screenshots.

Rev 1.4.6 2009-Mar-14

  • Preceed plugin-version-number div tag with "DandyID-Services WordPress Plugin".
  • Added new DandyID services.

Rev 1.4.5 2009-Mar-07

  • Updated Italian language files. Thank you Gianni Diurno.
  • Added new DandyID services.

Rev 1.4.4 2009-Mar-03

  • Added new DandyID services.

Rev 1.4.3 2009-Feb-20

  • Added new DandyID services.

Rev 1.4.2 2009-Feb-15

  • Remove "Theme-alignment NEEDS FIX" setting option. No longer needed after fix in v1.4.0.

Rev 1.4.1 2009-Feb-13

  • Embed version number into div tag for version tracking.
  • Added title attribute to href element to display service name as tooltip.

Rev 1.4.0 2009-Feb-12

  • Added $after_widget closing tag.

Rev 1.3.9 2009-Feb-12

  • Removed id attribute from img tags. Added title attribute to img tags.

Rev 1.3.8 2009-Feb-11

  • Added setting option "Theme-alignment NEEDS FIX".
  • This setting causes the plugin to append a closing DIV tag, to account for some themes that omit this tag.

Rev 1.3.7 2009-Feb-11

  • Fixed spacing problems.

Rev 1.3.6 2009-Feb-09

  • Added languages: Russian, Slovak, Polish.

Rev 1.3.5 2009-Feb-09

  • Added languages: Spanish (mx), Spanish (sp), German, French, Italian, Hebrew.

Rev 1.3.4 2009-Feb-08

  • Added screenshot of settings page in Chinese language.

Rev 1.3.3 2009-Feb-08

  • Additional Chinese translations added. Thank you Anson Ho.

Rev 1.3.2 2009-Feb-08

  • Internationalized the plugin to enable localized language translations for all WordPress supported languages.
  • Thank you 谢谢 @anson_ho for help translating to Chinese.

Rev 1.3.1 2009-Feb-06

  • Added new DandyID services.

Rev 1.3.0 2009-Feb-03

  • Added closing li element tags.

Rev 1.2.9 2009-Feb-03

  • Updated styling for increased browser compatibility.

Rev 1.2.8 2009-Jan-30

  • Added new DandyID services.

Rev 1.2.7 2009-Jan-28

  • Performance enhancements, code optimizations.

Rev 1.2.6 2009-Jan-27

  • Added new DandyID services.

Rev 1.2.5 2009-Jan-27

  • readme.txt updates.

Rev 1.2.4 2009-Jan-26

  • Added new DandyID services.

Rev 1.2.3 2009-Jan-25

  • Performance enhancements. Thanks @stepan for the recommendations.

Rev 1.2.2 2009-Jan-23

  • Increased left margin for Favicon+TextLink.

Rev 1.2.1 2009-Jan-20

  • Added an example of xml returned from return_services() - as comments in the php code - to help clarify API usage to DandyID API developers.

Rev 1.2.0 2009-Jan-19

  • Removed all html table elements to eliminate rendering issues with some themes.

Rev 1.1.9 2009-Jan-18

  • Updated


div> tags for dandyIDSidebarIdentities, and dandyIDSidebarPoweredBy.

Rev 1.1.8 2009-Jan-18

  • Added ability to View Change Log from settings page. Thanks @zerojay.

Rev 1.1.7 2009-Jan-17

  • New setup option: Text-links only. Ability to now choose from 3 display options:
    • Show Favicons and Text-links
    • Show Favicons only
    • Show Text-links only

Rev 1.1.6 2009-Jan-16

  • Suppress activation warning on curl_setopt() CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION.

Rev 1.1.5 2009-Jan-16

  • Group options on settings page for improved usability.

Rev 1.1.4 2009-Jan-15

  • Make the "Powered by DandyID" line a configurable option.
  • Written and tested @TechStars #hackspace, Boulder, Colorado.

Rev 1.1.3 2009-Jan-12

  • Change the cache refresh interval from every 24 hours to every 2 hours.
  • During a refresh, the plugin retrieves the list of DandyID services, and stores them in the WordPress database.

Rev 1.1.2 2009-Jan-10

  • Reduced the font size of "Powered by DandyID" line.

Rev 1.1.1 2009-Jan-09

  • Options page: removed password requirement to simplify setup.
  • Options page: removed user_id requirement to simplify setup.
  • User's public identities profile is now retrieved from DandyID.
  • User's DandyID Service now returned as one of the services.
  • Larger DandyID-mini icon replaced with 15x15 favicon -- for continuity with other service icons.

Rev 1.1.0 2009-Jan-06

  • Preserve local online-identities cache if DandyID API is down, or site is not available.

Rev 1.0.9 2009-Jan-06

  • If no setup credentials are configured, do not attempt to retrieve DandyID online identities.
  • If no user_id is configured, link the mini-chicklet to the DandyID home page.

Rev 1.0.8 2009-Jan-04

  • Converted SimpleXMLElement() calls to xml_parse() calls for PHP4 compatibility.

Rev 1.0.7 2009-Jan-03

  • Ported from file-based cache to wp-database cache to eliminate file-permissions errors.

Rev 1.0.6 2009-Jan-01

  • Added 2 div classes "dandyIDSidebarIdentities" and "dandyIDSidebarPoweredBy" to enable external css styling. Thanks @dtownsend.

Rev 1.0.5 2009-Jan-01

  • Suppress PHP error "failed to open stream: Permission denied" when creation of cache file fails.

Rev 1.0.4 2008-Dec-31

  • Updated class.dandyid.php to increase PHP cross-platform compatibility.

Rev 1.0.3 2008-Dec-30

  • Added ability for Plugin to gracefully handle DandyID host server down.
  • Added ability for Plugin to gracefully handle DandyID API url unavailable.

Rev 1.0.2 2008-Dec-28

  • Added ability to Show-Favicons-and-Text-Links or Show-Favicons-only.

Rev 1.0.1 2008-Dec-22

  • Initial revision.

Requires: 2.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 2.8
Last Updated: 2009-7-10
Downloads: 37,340


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3.7 out of 5 stars


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