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Custom Content Type Manager

Version: Break out of your blog! Create custom fields for dropdowns, images, and more! This plugin gives WordPress true CMS functionality.


  • WordPress 3.3 or greater.
  • PHP 5.2.6 or greater
  • MySQL 4.1.2 or greater

These requirements are tested during WordPress initialization; the plugin will not load if these requirements are not met. Error messaging will fail if the user is using a version of WordPress older than version 2.0.11.


This plugin was written in part for the book WordPress 3 Plugin Development Essentials published by Packt. It was inspired by the Custom-Post Type UI plugin written by Brad Williams. The Custom-Post Type UI plugin offers some of the same features, but I felt that its architecture was flawed: it stores data as taxonomical terms, which is conceptually awkward at a development level, and more importantly, it limits the each custom field to 200 characters of data, making it impossible to store certain types of custom content.

On the surface, this plugin is similar, but this plugin "correctly" stores custom field data as post meta data, which allows allows for different input types (e.g. checkboxes, dropdowns, and images) and the custom fields offered by this plugin can support data of virtually unlimited size. For example, you could define a WYSIWYG custom field for your custom content type and it could hold many pages of data.

The architecture for this plugin was also inspired by MODX. WordPress is making progress as a viable content management system, but even after the thousands of lines of code in this plugin, it still does not support all the features in a system like MODx. WordPress templates are particularly limited by comparison. WordPress is great system for many scenarios, but if you're feeling that WordPress is starting to tear apart at the seams when it comes to custom content, it may be worth a look at another plugin or some of the other available systems.

Future TO-DO

Please see the Issues page for the most current list of on-going feature development.

If you are eager to see a particular feature implemented in a future release, please share your feedback at the official Issues page

And if you REALLY want some of these features implemented, you can hire me to complete portions of your project or make a donation. Many of the surges in development in this plugin were instigated by projects that required this plugin's use.

See also and References

Requires: 3.3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-3-8
Downloads: 99,599


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4.5 out of 5 stars


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