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Custom Bulk/Quick Edit by Aihrus

Custom Bulk/Quick Edit by Aihrus allows you to easily add custom fields to the edit screen bulk and quick edit panels.

Through Custom Bulk/Quick Edit by Aihrus, you have the option to edit post meta via text, checkbox, radio, select, and textarea inputs within Bulk Edit and Quick Edit screens. Further, you can enable editing of category and tag taxonomies that don't show up already. Next, taxnomony, checkbox, radio, and select fields have an option to be reset, as in remove current options during Bulk Editing. This is very helpful when you want to mass reset or remove information.

To use this Custom Bulk/Quick Edit plugin with custom post types, please purchase Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium. Read more of the premium features below.

Video Introduction

Custom Bulk/Quick Edit automatically detects custom fields that use the manage_{$post_type}_posts_columns filter to display additional columns on the edit screen. Therefore, unless it's already configured, your theme's functions.php file will have to modified to add custom field columns.

Read Installation and FAQ to get started.

Primary Features

  • API of actions and filters
  • Auto-suggest for bulk and quick edit taxonomy entries
  • Easily remove or replace category and taxonomy relations
  • Edit excerpts and titles
  • Performance minded – Plugin automatically loads when needed
  • Prevents editing of common and static fields like cb, id, author, etc.
  • Remove specific category and tag entries
  • Sample configurations provided as needed
  • Save post handler can be customized for your needs.
  • Setting options export/import
  • Settings screen
  • Supports WordPress's own taxonomy handlers for category and tag relations
  • Unset checkbox, radio, and select values during bulk edit
  • View category and tag relations on edit screen columns
  • Works with posts and pages
  • Works with Edit Flow's checkbox, location, paragraph, and text types

Add Ons

  • Edit Flow - Date (Premium required), number, and user types
  • WordPress SEO - Modify WordPress SEO options via bulk and quick edit panels

Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium

Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium adds onto the best WordPress bulk edit plugin there is, Custom Bulk/Quick Edit. Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium supports custom post types. Plus, it offers additional inputs options like date and multiple selects for use during bulk/quick edit operations.

Buy Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium plugin for WordPress.

Primary Premium Features

Buy Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium plugin for WordPress.



  • Enable "Title"? – Enable editing of post_type' title.
  • Enable "Excerpt"? – Enable editing of post_type' excerpt.
  • Edit "TBD" taxonomy? – Force making TBD an editable taxonomy field like checked categories or free-text tags.
    • No
    • No, but enable column view (view the column on the admin edit screen)
    • Like categories
    • Like tags
  • Reset "TBD" Relations? – During bulk editing, easily remove all of the TBD's prior relationships and add new.
  • Enable "Date"? – Enable bulk editing of post_type' date
  • Enable "Custom Field"? - As checkbox, radio, select, input, or textarea
  • "Custom Field" Configuration - You may create options formatted like "the-key|Supremely, Pretty Values" seperated by newlines.
    • Example configuration
four|Four, and forty five


See Post.


  • Export Settings – These are your current settings in a serialized format. Copy the contents to make a backup of your settings.
  • Import Settings – Paste new serialized settings here to overwrite your current configuration.
  • Remove Plugin Data on Deletion? - Delete all Custom Bulk/Quick Edit data and options from database on plugin deletion
  • Reset to Defaults? – Check this box to reset options to their defaults

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.0
Last Updated: 2014-6-22
Downloads: 8,475


4 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars


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