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CSV 2 POST Version 8 by Ryan Bayne


  • From The Developer
    • Released 8th June 2014
  • Fixes
    • No longer fails to create a specific number of puts per user request
    • Minor error regarding categories during post creation if user has not configured category settings
    • Apachi logged error regarding primary key resolved by removing "PRIMARY KEY (exampleonly)" from queries
    • Tabs related error resolved, required updating form_action() method
    • Re-install database tables form now has a processing function
  • Feature Changes
    • New button above WYSIWYG editor, displays popup with a list of column replacement tokens
    • None MySQL ready headers acceptable once again, less strict on header requirements basically.
    • Notice for content design submission no longer says "Title" was updated.
    • Flags custom post type removed, this was meant for premium only, it is a system for flagging posts with suspected problems.
    • About tab moved, all project related tabs now come first.
    • The project Sources tab has been merged into Import tab to avoid confusion with the Sources tab that is used for ALL projects and not just the current active one.
    • Tables tab renamed to Table because the free edition is intended to be simple, one csv file, one database table.
    • Sample Files: replaced the 3 sample files with a single sample .csv file on Google Docs which is more suitable to the free edition.
    • New YouTube video links added from interface.
    • HTML5 "required" introduced to text fields
  • Technical Notes
    • Do not update a Version 7 installation of CSV 2 POST using Version 8 please, you will require a migration tool.
    • Plugin will not automatically active error display when WP is installed on a path that includes "csv2post". To reverse this just remove "OFF" from "OFFcsv2post" in the main csv-2-post.php file.
    • Added column settingschange to projects table, it may not be used in free edition but it helps for a premium upgrade (dbDelta is not adding it)
    • Updated core database array, Install screen will now list project and sources table


  • From The Developer
    • Released 6th May 2014
  • Fixes
    • Panel information popup fixed
  • Feature Changes
    • Creating posts is now confirmed with a notice
    • If all rows finished, attempting to create posts results in a notice
    • Removed help text from the WordPress Help tab meant for premium features only
  • Technical Notes
    • Do not update a Version 7 installation of CSV 2 POST using Version 8 please, you will require a migration tool.


  • From The Developer
    • Released 4th May 2014
  • Feature Changes
    • New Core
    • New User Interface
    • New Support Procedures and Services
    • New Video Tutorials
  • Technical Notes
    • Do not update an existing CSV 2 POST installation with this version, you will require a migration tool.

Requires: 3.8.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-6-8
Downloads: 20,895


2 stars
2.8 out of 5 stars


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