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CSV 2 POST Data Engine


  • From The Developers
    • Released 14th January 2014
    • The WebTechGlobal forum is now ready for use and free for all to use
  • Fixes
    • PHP 5.2 related error fixed by adding older code to csv2post_core_functions.php line 185, please update to PHP 5.3 or later folks
    • Error on publishing new Flag has been fixed
    • Type criteria for log search was not being applied to query
    • Possible fix: someone reported an error that indicated "error_log" to blame, removed use of error_log()
  • Feature Changes
    • wpautop() functionality now possible using setting on Content screen in Projects
    • Shortened installation notices.
    • Dates import option added to 3rd step and submission process for 3rd step updated to store selection (free and paid edition)
    • Log screen now has default columns set to display (previously one column was being displayed on installation)
    • Log screen now accepts search by URL (stored criteria is ignored and not affected)
    • Timestamp is no longer an optional criteria or displayed column on Log screen (we need it to be in all queries for easily ordering results)
    • Log screen results are now in descending order
    • Trigger column in log table now has a more important part to play with the trigger telling us what caused an event to happen
    • Extension ability removed, decided to continue adding everything to the core plugin. Another WTG CSV import solution will offer an extension approach in 2014.
  • Technical Notes
    • Styles for CSS only menu removed from admin.css
    • Doc headers added to all .php files
    • csv2post_news.php removed
    • csv2post_settings_functions.php removed
    • csv2post_public_functions.php removed
    • csv2post_POST_slug() always returns a formatted slug, if user has not set slug data, the title is used
    • csv2post_log_schedule() $trigger changed to $category so we can break down scheduled log entries using this function a little more
    • csv2post_log_schedule() parameters improved: comment and trigger added, category renamed to scheduledeventaction
    • csv2post_notice_output() requires user to be administrator (new notice class will eventually replace this function)
  • Known Issues
    • None


  • From The Developers
    • Released 24th August 2013
    • We decided to shutdown http://www.webtechglobal.co.uk and not to launch individual sites per premium plugin in future. All products and services, including free support. Can be sought at http://www.webtechglobal.co.uk in future.
    • Work on CSV 2 POST is scheduled from 24th August till 30th and a new version on 31st.
  • Fixes
    • Empty field does not cause error in function which checks if expected value is monitory
  • Feature Changes
    • Removed example .csv file. Many users are assuming that their file headers must match it and that this is why the example is giving. CSV 2 POST accepts any headers.
  • Technical Notes


  • From The Developers
    • Released 3rd August 2013
  • Fixes
    • Tab navigation changed for WP 3.6
  • Feature Changes
    • Diagnostic checks will no longer be run during form submissions or other processing trigger by CSV 2 POST
    • Author menu replaced with a text field for entering a user ID
    • News screen removed as it only displayed RSS feeds from Google Feedburner which Google no longer supports
    • Menu array is now loaded from file, by default it was installed and loaded from options table
    • jQuery UI styling removed, related files deleted and styling options also removed
  • Technical Notes
    • csv2post_diagnostics_constant_adminside() works but argument to check $_POST has been extended to use !$_POST should $_POST be set but array contain nothing


  • From The Developers
    • Released 25th July 2013
  • Fixes
    • If post type is not saved it triggered a problem in category creation function because it could not establish the hierarchical taxonomy that was meant to be applied
    • Plugin query to confirm if a table exists or not was failing due to incorrect quotes in query
  • Feature Changes
    • No longer creates data import job even when user fails to enter required values
    • Post adoption improved
    • Log table is now limited to storing 2 days of log entries only
    • Now prevents .csv files with spaces or hyphens in name, this is temporary while we put a system in place for managing data sources
  • Technical Notes
    • csv2post_database_table_exist() improved


  • From The Developers
    • Released 30th June 2013
  • Fixes
    • Quick start title fix for files with uppercase
    • Featured image in Quick Start improved
    • Tags in Quick Start improved
  • Feature Changes
    • Removed some links pointing to the premium edition
    • Dates panel removed (was never meant to be there)
  • Technical Notes
    • Schedule system setting now within the main admin settings array and schedule array file deleted


  • From The Developers
    • Released 26th June 2013
    • If installing via FTP please delete the existing plugin first, enjoy :)
  • Fixes
    • None
  • Feature Changes
    • Support buttons made smaller by using WordPress styles instead of jQuery UI theme styles
    • New diagnostic system started, the old one was a group of splintered functions, wtgcore_wp_diagostics.php created for the new approach
    • csv2post_notice() now checks if user is adminstrator straight away, this is a security measure
  • Technical Notes
    • None

Requires: 3.5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.0
Last Updated: 2014-1-14
Downloads: 19,710


2 stars
2.7 out of 5 stars


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