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Creative Commons Configurator

Adds Creative Commons license information to your posts, pages, attachment pages and feeds. Fully customizable.

Creative-Commons-Configurator is the only tool a user will ever need in order to set a Creative Commons License on a WordPress blog and control the inclusion or display of the license information and relevant metadata into the blog pages or the syndication feeds. All configuration is done via a page in the administration panel.

By default, the license you have chosen in the License settings is automatically appended to all content, unless otherwise specified in the settings. Since the 1.5.1 release, it is possible to customize the license metadata on a per post basis from the License box in the post editing panel:

  • You can stop license metadata from appearing on individual posts.
  • Although not recommended, you can use the All Rights Reserved clause on specific posts.
  • It is possible to waive all rights from a post and publish it in the Public Domain by choosing the CC0 rights waiver.

Template tags and filters are also available for those who need extra customization.

Features at a glance:

  • Configuration page in the WordPress administration panel. No manual editing of files is needed for basic usage.
  • Per post settings (use default license, no license, fll back to All Rights Reserved, No Rights Reserved via CC0).
  • A widget is available to add to your sidebars.
  • License selection by using the web-based license selection API from CreativeCommons.org.
  • The license information can be reset at any time without affecting current license customization settings.
  • Adds license information to:
    • The HTML head area (Not visible to human visitors).
    • The Atom, RSS 2.0 and RDF (RSS 1.0) feeds through the Creative Commons RSS module, which validates properly. This option is compatible only with WordPress 2 or newer due to technical reasons.
    • Displays a block with license information under the published content. Basic customization (license information and formatting) is available through the configuration panel.
  • Some template tags are provided for use in your theme templates.
  • The plugin is ready for localization.


There is an ongoing effort to translate Creative-Commons-Configurator to as many languages as possible. The easiest way to contribute translations is to register to the translations project at the Transifex service.

Once registered, join the team of the language translation you wish to contribute to. If a team does not exist for your language, be the first to create a translation team by requesting the language and start translating.

Free License and Donations

Creative-Commons-Configurator is released under the terms of the Apache License version 2 and, therefore, is Free software.

However, a significant amount of time and energy has been put into developing this plugin, so, its production has not been free from cost. If you find this plugin useful and, if it has made your life easier, you can show your appreciation by making a small donation.

Thank you in advance for donating!

Code Contributions

If you are interested in contributing code to this project, please make sure you read the special section for this purpose, which contains all the details.

Support and Feedback

Please post your questions and provide general feedback and requests at the Creative-Commons-Configurator Community Support Forum.

To avoid duplicate effort, please do some research on the forum before asking a question, just in case the same or similar question has already been answered.

Also, make sure you read the FAQ.

Template Tags

This plugin provides some Template Tags, which can be used in your theme templates. These are the following:

NOTE: Template tags will be revised in upcoming versions.

Text Hyperlink

  • bccl_get_license_text_hyperlink() - Returns the text hyperlink of your current license for use in the PHP code.
  • bccl_license_text_hyperlink() - Displays the text hyperlink.

Image Hyperlink

  • bccl_get_license_image_hyperlink() - Returns the image hyperlink of the current license.
  • bccl_license_image_hyperlink() - Displays the image hyperlink of the current license.

License URIs

  • bccl_get_license_url() - Returns the license's URL.
  • bccl_get_license_deed_url() - Returns the license's Deed URL. Usually this is the same URI as returned by the bccl_get_license_url() function.

Full HTML Code

  • bccl_get_full_html_license() - Returns the full HTML code of the license. This includes the text and the image hyperlinks.
  • bccl_full_html_license() - Displays the full HTML code of the license. This includes the text and the image hyperlinks.

Complete License Block

  • bccl_license_block($work, $css_class, $show_button) - Displays a complete license block. This template tag can be used to publish specific original work under the current license or in order to display the license block at custom locations on your website. This function supports the following arguments:
    1. $work (alphanumeric): This argument is used to define the work to be licensed. Its use is optional, when the template tag is used in single-post view. If not defined, the user-defined settings for the default license block are used.
    2. $css_class (alphanumeric): This argument sets the name of the CSS class that will be used to format the license block. It is optional. If not defined, then the default class cc-block is used.
    3. $show_button (one of: "default", "yes", "no"): This argument is optional. It can be used in order to control the appearance of the license icon.

Licence Documents

  • bccl_license_summary($width, $height, $css_class) - Displays the license's summary document in an iframe.
  • bccl_license_legalcode($width, $height, $css_class) - Displays the license's full legal code in an iframe.

Advanced Customization

Creative-Commons-Configurator allows filtering of some of the generated metadata and also of some core functionality through filters. This way advanced customization of the plugin is possible.

The available filters are:

  1. bccl_cc_license_text - applied to the text that is generated for the Creative Commons License. The hooked function should accept and return 1 argument: a string.
  2. bccl_cc0_license_text - applied to the text that is generated for the CC0 rights waiver. The hooked function should accept and return 1 argument: a string.
  3. bccl_arr_license_text - applied to the text that is generated for All Rights Reserved clause. The hooked function should accept and return 1 argument: a string.
  4. bccl_widget_html - applied to the HTML code that is generated for the widget. The hooked function should accept and return 1 argument: a string.

Example 1: you want to append a copyright notice to the CC license text.

This can easily be done by hooking a custom function to the bccl_cc_license_text filter:

function append_copyright_notice_to_cc_text( $license_text ) {
    $extra_text = '<br />Copyright &copy; ' . get_the_date('Y') . ' - Some Rights Reserved';
    return $license_text . $extra_text;
add_filter( 'bccl_cc_license_text', 'append_copyright_notice_to_cc_block', 10, 1 );

This code can be placed inside your theme's functions.php file.

Requires: 2.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.7.1
Last Updated: 2013-11-22
Downloads: 16,064


4 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars


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