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Coupon Creator

Create coupons to display on your site by using a shortcode.


  • Added Expiration Date and If Ignore Expiration is on to the Coupon Listing
  • Added class for Options including, Custom CSS, Default, Colors, nofollow on print link, hide print link, improved permalink
  • Added new options for all coupons including adding custom CSS.
  • Added class to manage meta fields
  • Added various hooks and filters to upcoming
  • Changed image size to only set the width of image and allow for different heights
  • Changed Version check to alert message to make it more noticeable
  • Coding Updates and fixes throughout
  • Fixed Permalink Flush on Activation of Plugin
  • Fixed filemtime error on Windows Servers for the Print Template


  • Rewrite of entire plugin to Object-oriented programming
  • Update Color Picker to lastest version
  • Change Image Uploader to the latest version of WordPress Media Uploader
  • Added Setting Page with ability to change slug of coupon permalinks
  • Added custom columns to list view of all coupons
  • Added localization for admin and frontend
  • Replaced deprecated php split function


  • Updated Styling to make the coupons more flexible in size
  • Updated and Added Responsive Styling with basic support still for IE7
  • Added a html comment that shows when a coupon is expired
  • Added version numbers to the scripts and stylesheets
  • Added New Q&A to the FAQ
  • Updated Colorbox to 1.4.37
  • Changed the single_template filter to template_include that was causing 404 errors in some themes


  • Added Translation using the standard WordPress method
  • Added Spanish Translation thanks to Carmen in Miami
  • Cleaned up coding to prepare for a rewrite


  • Fixes issue where check box uncheck does not save.


  • Added Post Reset Function to the shortcode to fix an issue preventing comments from showing


  • Added a loop option to the shortcode to display more then one coupon
  • Added coupon categories to use with the loop option of the shortcode
  • Fixed css for box-sizing: content-box for the coupons or in themes like Twenty Thirteen the styling broke
  • Added plugin version into WordPress Database options for future updates
  • Updated Colobox script and fixed background images


  • Fixed SVN to latest version


  • Changed Insert Coupon Icon on Editor for WordPress 3.5
  • Added CSS for inside .widget-wrap to fit 100% into space
  • Coupon Images are now links to larger view. Thanks to the coding from Darin of VzPro
  • Made the Click to Open in Print View font a little larger


  • Modifed Click to Open in New Window Coding so it will open new window without javascript.
  • Note this may not open a new window in all browsers.


  • Added checkbox to ignore expiration date so coupon will always display one website
  • "Expire On" will not show if no expiration is added
  • Added some more comments to coding and fixed line spacing issue
  • Added donation link


  • Bug fixes to remove php notices in shortcode and in meta box


  • Fixed SVN to latest version


  • Bug Fixes preventing images, js, and css from loading - Thanks for heads up from Tom Ewer of WPMU.org


  • Initial Release and 1st Version and 1st Plugin!

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0
Last Updated: 2014-9-4
Downloads: 24,582


4 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars


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