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Country Code Failed Login

Log and block IP addresses after a single failed login attempt if they are from a different country to you.


  • Some minor errors were introduced when making the plugin translation ready.


  • Changed lookups to new dedicated server at api.phpwebhost.co.za
  • Changed all links to http://www.phpwebhost.co.za
  • Added support for language translations


  • Update remote URL in plugin file


  • Tiny bug fix with an undeclared variable which causes a warning message on some sites


  • Checks if the debug file exists before checking its size


  • Does not require deactivation / reactivation to create custom db to store local ips


  • Plugin stores banned IPs locally now to minimise external connections (particularly during an active attack!!)


  • Bug fix. prevents accidental automatic disabling of the plugin!


  • Bug fix. First check if the debug file exists before attempting to delete it!


  • Added logging capabilities.


  • All external links now use https
  • Added all country codes to an include file which is installed with the plugin so that remote lookups are not needed (negates v1.0.4)


  • Added remote lookups of the list of country codes to use in the settings page. If a new country code(s) is added to the remote server, they are automatically updated locally.


  • Added the register_shutdown_function to check if a SOAP not found error has occured and automatically disables this plugin and display a useful message to the user. This version negates v1.0.2


  • Added ccfl argument to wp-login.php?ccfl=off if your host is not correctly setup and the plugin causes your login form to crash.


  • Added a message loader function to import announcements / news and update messages from the main server into the settings screen.
  • Added a message dialog in the dashboard's right now box to show stats
  • Added new stats in the settings screens. Blocked by you this month and Attacks against you blocked by the network this month
  • Added a check in check_ban routine to see if the request page was the wp-login.php form. If not it returns. This saves on external lookups to the phpwebhost.co.za server


  • This is the first version :)

Requires: 3.5.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.0
Last Updated: 2014-7-14
Downloads: 1,639


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5 out of 5 stars


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