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Related Links by Contextly

Increase pageviews and SEO with the best related and engaging content recommendation widgets and sidebars. Fully automatic to fully manual.

What will be displayed if I don't choose related posts?

We've got your back. We'll automatically show related and interesting stories on all posts.

But, let's be honest, humans are still better than computers when it comes to context. As you publish new posts, take the time to add links to the body of your story or choose relevant stories. We make that super easy to do. Your readers will thank you.

Will Contextly slow down my site?

No. Our service works outside of WordPress so we don't slow down your database or your page loads. We also wait to load the sidebars and the after-post widget until the rest of your site load, using asynchronous JavaScipt. And, if for some unforseen reasons Contextly temporarily stops working -- say if zombies destroy our server -- your site will still load quickly.

How do I use Contextly to promote my event, email list, product, etc?

Go to Settings -> Contextly -> Settings. Then look for Promo Links. Give us a title and an url of what you want to promote and we'll add it to the section you choose.

I just installed Contextly and I don't see related posts, just interesting ones. Where are they?

You discovered something interesting. Reload the story you just looked at and you will see related links. The first time someone visits an older post after you install Contextly, our service starts to analyze that post. The next visitor, even if they show up seconds later, will see related posts. For new posts, every visitor will see related posts, but when you preview a story, you will only see the ones you have chosen, not the ones we'll pick.

Can I modify the way the content recommendations are displayed on my site?

Yes. Our service makes it possible to make many changes with a simple point-and-click interface. For those who want more control, you can create your own custom CSS stylesheet or make CSS changes in the settings panel.

Will I be able to see how well Contextly is doing?

Yes. You will get a daily email with statistics about your traffic and related links. Contextly links will also show up in Google Analytics and other traffic measurement software.

You can also see what's happening in Google Analytics. We use Events to track clicks. Go to Content -> Events and look for Contextly Sidebar and Contextly Widget. You can dive deep into this.

How does the Custom Tab work?

You give us an RSS feed of stuff you want us to show off. This can be a feed of your YouTube videos, a category on your site you like, a set of products, etc. If you just want to choose some items, copy and paste your main RSS feed into the Custom box. Then go to Promo Links and add links you want us to show off and choose the Custom section. Be creative, but there's one limitation: you can't sell this spot to advertisers unless you arrange that with us first. That's because there are certain safeguards against fraud that need to be in place for online ads. Putting external ads in that section without permission is grounds for termination of service.

Requires: 2.0.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-3
Downloads: 6,856


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