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Related Links by Contextly

Increase pageviews and SEO with the best related and engaging content recommendation widgets and sidebars. Fully automatic to fully manual.


  • Fix for bug where apostrophes in tags or categories prevented recommendations from displaying
  • Small CSS updates to handle edge cases


  • Fixed a bug where pots with quote marks in the title would not have a recommendation display


  • Better display support for sites with wide text columns
  • Removed the Chrome tabbed display option as the tabs were never almost never clicked and the information density was low.
  • Improved ease of adjusting the placement of the main recommendation module. It's now controlled by a shortcode rather than CSS elements: [contextly_main_module]
  • Reduced reliance on a WP API to learn story metadata
  • Improved the way Contextly detects featured images for a post
  • More reliable detection of deleted/trashed posts
  • New CSS/HTML for displays to make them easier to customize
  • Entirely new recommendation system


  • Updated to include cookies to better track recommendation performance
  • Post-story module now movable via shortcode
  • Minor display bug fixes


  • Minor display bug fixes


  • Added SEO support. Search Engines can now see and spider the related results. This boosts SEO.
  • Minor display bug fixes
  • Made the "nudge" to add related links off by default


  • Minor performance tweaks.
  • CSS optimization.


  • General performance optimizations
  • Ability to turn off pre-publication notification
  • CSS optimization.
  • Improvements to the JavaScript and CSS for display options, including tweaks for mobile devices


  • Added Auto-Sidebars. If you turn on this option, a sidebar shortcode will be inserted into every new post when you first create it. You can control the content or you can leave it to our related algorithms
  • Improvements to the JavaScript and CSS for display options, including tweaks for mobile devices


  • Namespace changes to CSS.
  • Changes to make install and activation easier.
  • Minor performance tweaks.


  • Minor performance tweaks.


  • Added support for showing Contextly content on Custom Post types. Checkboxes to add/remove post types are in the Contextly Settings Advanced Tab.
  • Added Support for 4 responsive designs (Chrome, Blocks, Blocks - Overylay, Float).
  • Added design customization for sidebars (Point&Click & custom CSS).
  • Added automatic Related Links for stories without chosen links.
  • Added responsive sidebars.
  • New Single Link and Sidebar Icons in the Visual Editor.
  • Added a related links/sidebar reminder before publishing or updating.
  • Moved Related Links master button out of Visual Editor. It's now above the Publish button.
  • Related Links preview now shows up underneath a post in the editor, instead of in the right sidebar.
  • Added optional custom third row based off RSS, including YouTube RSS.
  • Added support for pop-over video playback of YouTube links.
  • Javascript performance fixes.
  • Plugin performance tweaks.
  • Secure, direct login to Contextly settings panel from WordPress (no Twitter credentials needed).
  • Google Analytics data now shows up in Events under Content, not via UTM codes. This provides cleaner and more detailed statistics.
  • Sidebar links now used to help populate related links by default.
  • New, cleaner branding pop-up with privacy policy link.


  • Completely new API
  • Ability to add Sidebars into the body of posts
  • Support for showing links and sidebars on posts, pages or both
  • Option to turn off Contextly content on per page/post basis


  • Core JavaScript files now called over HTTPS
  • Changed jQuery check to use built-in WordPress function.


  • Made a small change to be compatible with sites using Cloudflare


  • Added an easier way to get to the settings page and cleaned up the WP settings page


  • Added a setting in WP to allow sites to place the related links widget in spots other than at the very end of a post
  • Small technical changes to better work with WordPress API

Requires: 2.0.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-3
Downloads: 6,868


4 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars


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