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Contact Coldform

Contact Coldform is a secure, lightweight and flexible contact form with plenty of options and squeaky clean markup.

Version 20140305

  • Improved localization support
  • Generated new mo/po templates
  • Bugfix: undefined index: coldform_carbon
  • Bugfix: replaced 'gmt_offset' with 'coldform_offset'
  • Update: changed the description and default option for GMT setting

Version 20140123

  • Tested with latest version of WordPress (3.8)
  • Added option to display or not display the anti-spam/captcha field
  • Added trailing slash to URL for load_plugin_textdomain()

Version 20131107

  • Added uninstall.php file
  • Added "rate this plugin" links
  • Added support for i18n

Version 20131103

  • Edited readme.txt install steps for clarity
  • Removed "Δ" from die() for better security
  • Tested plugin with current version of WordPress (3.7)

Version 20130725

  • Tightened form security
  • Tightened plugin security

Version 20130704

  • Added localization support
  • Cleaned/updated/optimize code
  • Overview and Updates admin panels now open by default
  • Resolve PHP Notices for "Undefined variable" and "Undefined Index"
  • Changed the placeholder attribute of the antispam field

Version 20130103

  • Added margins to buttons (now required due to CSS changes in WP 3.5)

Version 20121119

  • Now supports both shortcodes: [coldform] and [contact_coldform]
  • Renamed register_my_style() to contact_coldform_register_style()
  • Removed border on all fieldsets via CSS
  • Added padding to input and textareas via CSS
  • Replaced answer with question in anti-spam placeholder
  • Added placeholder attributes to error fields
  • Fixed styles to load on success page

Version 20121031

  • rebuilt with cleaner, smarter code
  • restructured markup, cleaner hooks
  • revamped settings page with toggling
  • includes three "coldskins" for styling
  • enable user to upload custom CSS styles
  • toggle on/off the built-in coldskins
  • conditional load of styles only on Coldform
  • improved markup for required, error, success output
  • option to disable the captcha for registered users
  • now use admin email, name, site title by default
  • now using built-in wp_mail for email
  • removed the credit link and option
  • add option for subject line prefix
  • add HTML5 placeholder attributes
  • add hidden anti-spam field

Version 0.88.1

  • Compatibility with WordPress version 2.8.1 by setting admin_menu.

Version 0.88.0

  • Initial release.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-1-23
Downloads: 28,231


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3.5 out of 5 stars


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