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Constant Contact WordPress Widget

Easily add Constant Contact signup forms to your website (sidebar or content) and configure how they look.


  • Fixed issue where upon form submission, users are taken to Constant Contact page that says "An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again."
  • Fixed PHP notices being displayed if WP_DEBUG is turned on
  • Fixed issue where background color may have been overwritten when using the Basic Design preset.
  • Improved CSS output to only output once when wp_print_scripts is called multiple times
  • Changed CSS generation for Style 1 to allow for multiple widgets with different style configurations


  • Added backward compatibility from Version 1.7 - all previous settings will now be imported.


  • Fixed bug where widget would display the form before the widget had been properly configured
  • Fixed a bug where the "Give thanks" link would show up even if "Give thanks" option had not been checked. Sorry about that!


  • Converted the plugin to use the (not-so-new) Widgets API introduced in WordPress 2.8. If use an earlier version, do not upgrade!
  • Widget CSS is now shown in website head instead of inline
    • Filters were added to easily modify CSS: cc_widget_style, cc_widget_style_{widget #}
  • Widget layout completely re-written to be much easier to use.
  • All images used in the widget styles are now included in the plugin - this will reduce load time of each page
  • New settings:
    • Email icons - Add nice-looking email icons to your widget
    • Form target - Choose whether or not forms open in new window
  • This version has many large changes - please report any issues here - you may need to re-configure some settings if the form is not displaying as it used to.
  • Shortcode use has been updated - you must now use the widget ID (found under the widget's Form Settings section) in the shortcode. Before, it was [constantcontact]; now it is [constantcontact id="#"], where # is your widget number.


  • Moved from .17 to 1.7
  • Added apply_filters('cc_signup_form_widget') code to allow for simple widget modification
  • Improved layout, wording, and grouping of widget configuration options
  • Improved readme.txt file

.161 & .162

  • Updated plugin to include GPL license information
  • Added function_exists check to fix reported issue


  • Added different SafeSubscribe(sm) image options for different background colors
  • Combined the SafeSubscribe image chooser with Display SafeSubscribe option
  • Improved s in widget
  • Improved Stylish email image display
  • Added a proper Changelog to readme.txt
  • Fixed widget installation "White Screen" error

.154 & .155

  • Added #go to submit button in all Styles to add more CSS customization
  • Added shortcode functionality


  • Fixed unexpected $end issue on some servers, by changing <? to <?php


  • Added custom title to Stylish design
  • Added custom email input label, and option to turn off label


  • Added option to change size of email input
  • Added option to hide the <fieldset> in the No Style form
  • Fixed Internet Explorer issue where adding widget would cause active widgets list to disappear.
  • Added options to change border and background color in the Basic Style form


  • Stylish form now has custom button text
  • Added custom width option for forms
  • Improved Stylish form email image layout

.144 & .145

  • Email input javascript text toggle now works properly
  • Added option to give widget author credit
  • Made Constant Contact informational links nofollow
  • Added option to rename or remove <legend> using the No Style form


  • Updated CSS for Stylish design to prevent background of email image from showing through


  • Fixed code for CSS-only and Stylish design


  • Fixed code for Stylish design if javascript was turned off


  • Added option to not show widget, but use with plugin-like functionality by calling widget_cc()
  • Added option to define custom default input text toggle
  • Added method to turn off input text toggle and remove the javascript
  • Fixed improper code


  • Fixed small coding error with closing input tag
  • Added wptexturize for widget title


  • Added option to show Constant Contact link
  • Added Basic, Bubble, and Stylish style options from Constant Contact's default options (don't blame ME!)

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2012-12-13
Downloads: 44,270


3 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars


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