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Constant Contact for WordPress

Integrate Constant Contact into your website with this full-featured plugin.

Do I need a Constant Contact account for this plugin?

This plugin requires a Constant Contact account.

Constant Contact is a great email marketing company -- their rates are determined by the number of contacts in your list, not how many emails you send. This means you can send unlimited emails per month for one fixed rate! Give it a test run.

Is there shortcode support?

Form Shortcode

There is shortcode support for the Form Designer forms: [constantcontactapi] with the following options:

'formid' => 0, // REQUIRED
'before' => null,
'after' => null,
'redirect_url' => false,
'lists' => array(),
'title' => '',
'exclude_lists' => array(),
'description' => '',
'show_list_selection' => false,
'list_selection_title' => 'Add me to these lists:',
'list_selection_format' => 'checkbox'

So to add a form, you would add the following in your content: [constantcontactapi formid="3"]

Event Shortcode

To show event details, you can use the [eventspot] shortcode with the following options:

'id' => null, // Show a specific event; enter Event ID (found on the Events page) to use
'limit' => 3, // Number of events to show by default
'showdescription' => true, // Show event Description
'datetime' => true, // Show event Date & Time
'location' => false, // Show event Location
'map' => false,  // Show map link for Location (if Location is shown)
'calendar' => false, // Show "Add to Calendar" link
'directtoregistration' => false, // Link directly to registration page, rather than event homepage
'newwindow' => false, // Open event links in a new window
'style' => true // Use plugin styles. Disable if you want to use your own styles (CSS)

Sample Event Shortcodes

  • To show event details for 5 events using the default settings, you would use [eventspot limit=3]
  • To show event details for a single event with the id of abc123 and also show the location details and map link, you would use: [eventspot id="abc123" location=true map=true]
  • To use your own CSS file, you would use [eventspot style=false]

How do I use the new `apply_filters()` functionality? (Added 1.1)

If you want to change some code in the widget, you can use the WordPress add_filter() function to achieve this.

You can add code to your theme's functions.php file that will modify the widget output. Here's an example:

function my_example_function($widget) {
    // The $widget variable is the output of the widget
    // This will replace 'this word' with 'that word' in the widget output.
    $widget = str_replace('this word', 'that word', $widget);
    // Make sure to return the $widget variable, or it won't work!
    return $widget;
add_filter('constant_contact_form', 'my_example_function');

You can modify the widget output by hooking into any of the filters below in a similar manner.

To modify the Events widget output, start with the following code, again in your theme's functions.php file:

add_filter('cc_event_output_single', 'cc_event_output_single', 1, 2);

function cc_event_output_single($output, $pieces = array('start'=> '','title'=>'','description'=>'','date'=>'','calendar'=>'','location' => '', 'end'=>'')) {
    // The pieces of each event are stored in the $pieces array
    // So you can modify them and cut and paste in what order you
    // want the pieces to display
    return $pieces['start'].'Description'.$pieces['description'].$pieces['date'].$pieces['end'];

Some example filters:

  • Entire form output: constant_contact_form
  • Successful submission message: constant_contact_form_success
  • Form description text: constant_contact_form_description (after it has been modified by wpautop())
  • Error message: constant_contact_form_errors
  • Submit button: constant_contact_form_submit (includes entire input string)

My email campaign click data isn't being tracked in Constant Analytics

Constant Contact does not have built-in Google Analytics "tagging" that would track the click data. When you create links in your Constant Contact campaigns, use the Google URL Builder to add tags to your links. Make sure to set the Campaign Medium to email!

When you do that, email click stats will be segmented for you in the Site Traffic box.

How do I use the Form Designer?

Using the new Form Designer

  1. Install this plugin.
  2. Activate the Constant Contact API: Form Designer plugin
  3. Configure the settings on the form designer by updating the settings in the boxes on the left.
  4. Next to "Form Name" where it says "Enter form name here," enter your form name.
  5. Once you have configured and named your form, click Save Form.
  6. In the Appearance menu of the administration, click the Widgets link.
  7. Drag the widget named "Constant Contact Form Designer" into the sidebar.
  8. Configure the settings shown, then click the "Save" button at the bottom of the widget form.
  9. You will see the signup widget you created on your website!
  10. To edit the form, return the the Form Designer page (from Step 3) and click on the form tab with the name of the form you would like to edit. Edit the form, then click Update Form. The form will show as updated on your website.

Form Designer isn't showing up or working

Form Designer needs to be activated separately from the main plugin (see "How do I use the Form Designer?" above). Once you activate it, if it's still not working, it's likely a server issue.

The problem is that your web server may think that Form Designer is an unwelcome script. In order to fix this, you should contact your web host and request that they "whitelist your domain for ModSecurity.".

HostGator reps said whitelisting your own domain is not an issue that affects website security.

My gradients aren't working on the Form Designer!

This plugin uses Ozh's gradient script. Please refer to that page.

What is the plugin license?

Good news, this plugin is free for everyone! The plugin is licensed under the GPL.

Registration form

To make the checkbox appear after the "Signup Title", add the following to your theme's functions.php file:

add_filter( 'constant_contact_register_checkbox_before', '__return_false' );

Requires: 2.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2013-6-29
Downloads: 95,888


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3.3 out of 5 stars


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