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Connections Business Directory

Connections Business Directory is a simple to use directory plugin which can be used to create an addressbook, business directory, staff directory or

0.8.13 06/20/2014

BUG: Fix logic that determines if cnEntry_Shortcode should process $content for the cn_entry shortcode. BUG: Fix cnFormatting::toBoolean(). Check if value is bool and return it if it is. Otherwise convert value to bool. TWEAK: Add submit, textarea & hidden to cnHTML. TWEAK: Re-order before/after list/entry action hooks to be more consistent. OTHER: Update EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater to version 1.2.

0.8.12 06/13/2014

  • FEATURE: Add Goodreads to social media options.
  • FEATURE: Add IMDb to social media options.
  • FEATURE: Add Tumblr to social media options.
  • BUG: Add missing gettext text domain to the "Clear Search" button.
  • BUG: Fix RTE saving on the Settings admin page.
  • BUG: Properly search the child template path for custom template files.
  • TWEAK: Update the Google+ icons.

0.8.11 06/06/2014

  • BUG: Fixed the Visual editor in the Settings API.
  • BUG: Fixed the Visual editor on Categories admin page.
  • BUG: Prevent divide by zero error in pagination.
  • TWEAK: Add filter for default admin metabox page hooks.
  • TWEAK: Change cnLocate::file() logic to search for all files in priority order before moving on to the next priority folder.
  • TWEAK: Change cnTemplate::locate() logic to search for all files in priority order before moving on to the next priority folder.
  • OTHER: Fix misspelling in phpDoc block.
  • OTHER: Add cnTemplatePart helper methods used to require template part files.

0.8.10 06/02/2014

  • BUG: Fixed issue where Visual editor may not work.

0.8.9 05/26/2014

  • BUG: Remove extra hyphen when checking for template javascript registration action.

0.8.8 05/26/2014

  • TWEAK: Set width to template table cell to make them evenly spaced.
  • TWEAK: Remove $atts when retrieving an entry to edit on the front-end.
  • TWEAK: Clean the publish metabox code.
  • TWEAK: User get_current_user_id() to reduce db queries.
  • TWEAK: Cleanup admin CSS and JavaScript script enqueue code.
  • TWEAK: Remove unused JavaScript code on edit admin pages.
  • TWEAK: Add filters so plugins can alter the page hooks that the CSS and JS will be enqueued on.
  • TWEAK: Add actions to allow other plugins to hook into to make it easy to enqueue scripts only on Connections` admin pages.
  • TWEAK: Use hyphen instead of underscore for CSS and JS slugs.
  • I18N: Update Danish translation.
  • I18N: Update Hebrew (Israel) translation.
  • I18N: Update Hungarian (Hungary) translation.
  • I18N: Update Portuguese (Brazil) translation.
  • I18N: Add Nowegian translation.

0.8.7 05/19/2014

  • TWEAK: Change input type to search on manage page.
  • TWEAK: Add link to Education level to readme.txt.
  • TWEAK: Allow linked entry to edit on front-end when Form >= 2.0 is install and activated.
  • BUG: Fix for cnURL::fromPath() where path would be incorrect for a small number of users. Use wp_normalize_path() if it exists.
  • BUG: Fix for PHP "Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array".
  • BUG: Fix PHP explode error when enable_category_multi_select=true.
  • BUG: Fix default region settings sanitation callback which prevented the default region from being set.
  • I18N: Update French (France) MO file.
  • I18N: Update Hebrew (Israel) MO file.
  • I18N: Update Hungarian (Hungry) MO file.

0.8.6 05/09/2014

  • TWEAK: Change default entry visibility to 'Public'.
  • TWEAK: Readme.txt file tweaks.
  • BUG: Fix datepicker so it would function correctly in custom metaboxes.
  • BUG: Fix broken filter to allow default visibility to be set.
  • BUG: The 'Cancel' will now link to the current admin page when adding/editing an entry.
  • BUG: Fix entry status being set when editing an entry with only the 'edit_entry' capability.
  • BUG: Fix select/drop down when viewed on mobile device.
  • I18N: Add Hebrew (Israel).

0.8.5 05/02/2014

  • BUG: Fix logic for template part output that prevented rendering of some template features.
  • TWEAK: Remove the repeatable character index from the view all endpoint.
  • OTHER: Add whitespace.

0.8.4 05/02/2014

  • BUG: Fix the random ordering.
  • BUG: Fix cnTemplatePart::formOpen().
  • BUG: Fix CSS URL path string replace for inline CSS.
  • TWEAK: Admin CSS tweaks for custom metaboxes.
  • OTHER: Add meta value filter.

0.8.3 05/01/2014

  • TWEAK: Remove the cn-clear class from the list section heads.
  • TWEAK: Register Chosen with jquery-chosen-min for legacy support.

0.8.2 04/30/2014

  • BUG: Fix HTML markup for the "Clear Search" button.
  • TWEAK: Remove "-min" from several JavaScript registration handles.
  • TWEAK: Add a few filters to better maintain backward compatibility with several commercial templates.
  • I18N: Update all MO files.
  • I18N: Add Catalan.
  • I18N: Add Russian.
  • I18N: Add Portugese (Portugal).

0.8.1 04/29/2014

  • BUG: Fix activation error for users where the server is still running PHP 5.2.
  • BUG: Fix custom template path folder name.

0.8.0 04/28/2014

  • FEATURE: Custom Metabox and Fields API.
  • FEATURE: Introduce Custom Content Blocks.
  • FEATURE: Introduce cnHTML.
  • FEATURE: Introduce cnSanitize.
  • FEATURE: Introduce cnUtility.
  • FEATURE: Introduce cnEntry_Shortcode.
  • FEATURE: Introduce cnTemplate_Shortcode.
  • FEATURE: Introduce CN_License.
  • FEATURE: Introduce cnLocate.
  • FEATURE: Complete refactor of cnTemplate.
  • FEATURE: List Actions are user sortable.
  • FEATURE: Entry Actions are user sortable.
  • FEATURE: Add Instagram to social media.
  • FEATURE: Add option to disable output of core CSS.
  • FEATURE: Add search query message above results.
  • TWEAK: Update all core metabox fields to use the new Custom Metabox and Fields API.
  • TWEAK: Add query to retrieve "individuals" from the database.
  • TWEAK: Remove the "Select Relation" option from the drop down when creating a family.
  • TWEAK: Update both cnForm::buildRadio() and cnForm::buildSelect() to use cnHTML.
  • TWEAK: Make userPermitted a static method.
  • TWEAK: Add method to return permitted visibility options.
  • TWEAK: Show only user permitted visibility options.
  • TWEAK: Register dashboard metaboxes using cnMetaboxAPI.
  • TWEAK: Remove action which registered dashboard widgets.
  • TWEAK: Add a filter to addresses which will geocode the address rather than having that logic within the setAddresses() method.
  • TWEAK: Refactor cnTerms->addterm().
  • TWEAK: Add plugin header to all core templates so they can be moved to the plugins folder and tweaked in an update safe manner.
  • TWEAK: Add a readme.txt file to the core templates folder providing instructions on how to tweak core templates in an update safe manner.
  • TWEAK: Remove use of deprecated jQuery live and toggle functions.
  • TWEAK: Remove use of $wpdb->escape().
  • TWEAK: Add seed to rand() to support random pagination.
  • TWEAK: Add orderby and order support to getTerms().
  • TWEAK: Reduce query counts.
  • TWEAK: Add support for cn-cat-in query var.
  • TWEAK: Update cnRetrieve::entry() to support query by slug.
  • TWEAK: Add the edit endpoint.
  • TWEAK: Add the submit endpoint.
  • TWEAK: Add the search endpoint.
  • TWEAK: Add the results endpoint.
  • TWEAK: Move category relationship processing to an action.
  • TWEAK: Removed unused javascript.
  • TWEAK: Cleanup CSS registration names and remove unused script registrations.
  • TWEAK: Change cnFormatting::toBoolean() to a static method.
  • TWEAK: Move loadTemplate to cnTemplateFactory.
  • TWEAK: Limit the recently added entries in the dashboard widget to 10.
  • TWEAK: Remove unnecessary filters in the shortcode.
  • TWEAK: Add name intial tokens in getNameBlock().
  • TWEAK: Define preferred db table engine based on db version.
  • TWEAK: Strip shortcodes from getExcerpt() function.
  • BUG: Fix the exclude_category shortcode option.
  • BUG: Fix the img HTML tag output when displaying the social media icons.
  • BUG: Remove an unused query when adding categories.
  • BUG: Add DOING_AJAX check to prevent PHP undefined index notices when performing AJAX functions.
  • BUG: Check for lat/lng in Maps API result to prevent PHP undefined index notices.
  • BUG: Fix query that orders by anniversary/birthday.
  • BUG: Check that date_create() hasn't returned FALSE.
  • BUG: Ensure page title filter is not applied outside main loop.
  • BUG: Ensure date format is valid for DateTime().
  • BUG: Fix PHP undefined index notices with image/logo uploads.
  • BUG: Take user add entry capability and entry status into account when setting an entry's visibility status.
  • BUG: Fix a couple PHP undefined index notices with the entry logo.
  • BUG: Fix many translation coding errors.
  • BUG: Fix vaious minor bugs with vCard support.
  • OTHER: Add JSON encode.decode helper methods.
  • OTHER: Remove useage of get_usermeta from cnUser.
  • OTHER: Remove deprecated function attribute_escape().
  • OTHER: Add sortable checklist to the Settings API.
  • OTHER: Update Chosen to version 1.1.0.
  • OTHER: Update jQuery Validation plugin.
  • OTHER: Include and register Font Awesome.
  • OTHER: Add method to cnURL to retrieve URL for supplied file path. 04/17/2014

  • BUG: Load TinyMCE plugin based on WP version. 04/17/2014

  • BUG: Fixed compatibility of the bio and notes field in WP 3.9. 02/21/2014

  • BUG: Fixed double quoting which could cause category queries to fail. 02/20/2014

  • BUG: Fixed URL escaping in pagination links.
  • BUG: Fix potential XSS issue. 10/15/13

  • FEATURE: The character filter now uses a permalink structure which is more SEO friendly.
  • BUG: Fixed the character filter when the directory is used on the front page. 09/30/13

  • BUG: Fix bug preventing the copying of an entry. 09/23/13

  • BUG: Critical fix that fixes the path to the inc.upgrade.php file.

0.7.9 09/15/13

  • FEATURE: Added an exclude_category shortcode option.
  • FEATURE: The character index now filters by the character clicked rather than just using an in-page link.
  • FEATURE: Add home_id and force_home shortcode options that will override the setting on the Connections : Settings admin page.
  • TWEAK: Adjust text domain loading to allow MO files to be saved to and loaded from the WP_LANG_DIR so custom translation are update safe.
  • TWEAK: Allow most constants to be overridden in the wp-config.php file to permit update safe custom locations.
  • TWEAK: Add new relative path constants and add them to the Connections : Dashboard System widget.
  • TWEAK: Update path not found error messages. Message now points to the website where much more info can be provided and more frequently updated.
  • TWEAK: Purge the legacy template transient on page load of the Connections : Templates admin page.
  • TWEAK: Check that the template is found before returning its object.
  • TWEAK: Check that a legacy temnplate's path/files exists before returning its object.
  • TWEAK: Use relative URL when loading images via TimThumb.
  • TWEAK: Add constant to allow positioning of the admin menu.
  • TWEAK: The "Add to addressbook." link will no longer be shown on the core templates if it has been turned off under the entry action settings.
  • TWEAK: Change structure of core class to be a singleton.
  • TWEAK: Use an action to register the cnUser class.
  • TWEAK: Move general admin functions to their own class.
  • TWEAK: Move the admin menu functions to their own class.
  • TWEAK: Move the visibility and status bulk action functions to the cnEntry_Actions class.
  • TWEAK: Add a delete method to the cnEntry_Actions class.
  • TWEAK: Add the status action to the cnAdminActions class.
  • TWEAK: Completely redo the record count method for more accurate results.
  • TWEAK: Use a space instead of no-space when stripping out returns, new lines and tabs from the shortcode output.
  • TWEAK: Remove the action in the plugin init that registered the Names template and added it to the template file instead.
  • TWEAK: All core templates are updated to use the new template API.
  • TWEAK: The upcoming_list shortcode now uses the cnAction_css action hook.
  • TWEAK: Remove the "scope" attribute from the CSS inserted mid page for FireFox compatibility.
  • TWEAK: Only add the HTML comment text if WP_DEBUG is set to TRUE.
  • TWEAK: Remove the form action attribute from the add/edit entry form.
  • I18N: Update the POT file.
  • I18N: Add Persian (Iran).
  • I18N: Add Turkish (Turkey).
  • I18N: Add Portugese (Brazil).
  • I18N: Update French (France).
  • I18N: Update Spanish (Spain).
  • I18N: Update Hungarian (Hungry).
  • I18N: Update Dutch (Netherlands).
  • I18N: Update Italian (Italy).
  • I18N: Update Polish (Poland).
  • I18N: Update Danish (Denmark).
  • I18N: Update German (Germany).
  • I18N: Add Spanish (Latin America).
  • I18N: Add Serbian (Latin).
  • BUG: Fix query string creation when using the Default permalink structure.
  • BUG: Fix some double slashing when loading template assets.
  • BUG: Fix malformed HTML being created when the template not found error message was shown.
  • BUG: Fix a conflict with Formidable.
  • BUG: Fix the Members template so it at least functions again.
  • BUG: If no template author waas supplied, return an empty string.
  • BUG: Fix the edit links on the Connections : Dashboard widgets.
  • BUG: Remove 'p' from the query string when using the default permalink structure.
  • BUG: Remove the /feed/ endpoint from the directory subpages because they caused 404 search engine crawl errors.
  • BUG: Fixed an undefined index notice in the cnTemplateFactory class.
  • OTHER: Fix typo's on the SEO Settings admin page.
  • OTHER: Fix typo's in the Names template.
  • OTHER: Remove all PO files.
  • OTHER: Add a CREDITS.txt file.
  • OTHER: Add a LICENSE.txt file.
  • OTHER: Add a README.txt file to the languages folder providing direction on how to translate the plugin.
  • OTHER: Remove complete @todo's from the phpDoc.
  • OTHER: Add a cn_loaded action for extensions and templates to hook into.
  • OTHER: Add a cn_register_template action for templates to hook into.
  • OTHER: Update a few doc links to the website.
  • OTHER: Some general code cleanup.

Complete Changlog can be found here.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-6-20
Downloads: 196,495


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4.7 out of 5 stars


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