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Provides the required functionality to manage and monitoring advertising campaigns based on clicks by the site visitors.

  1. click-to-donate screenshot 1

    A special window is provided to create links to campaigns

  2. click-to-donate screenshot 2

    There are many configuration options associated with a campaign to provide full control

  3. click-to-donate screenshot 3

    The manager can easily monitor the campaign progress

  4. click-to-donate screenshot 4

    On the dashboard, the manager can monitor the progress of all the campaigns

  5. click-to-donate screenshot 5

    Also in the dashboard, the registered users can view their ranking compared with all the others users, while the manager can view the ranking of all the users

  6. click-to-donate screenshot 6

    Contextual help is provided for assistance

Requires: 3.2.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 2012-7-13
Downloads: 1,283


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