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Anti-spam by CleanTalk

Anti-spam for comments, signups and contacts. With Android, iPhone apps to control anti-spam.

How plugin stops spam?

Plugin uses several simple tests to stop spammers.

  • Spam bots signatures.
  • JavaScript antispam test.
  • Checks by Email, IP, web-sites domain at spam activities list.
  • Comment submit time. Spam bots usually send post immediately after page load.
  • Relevance test for the comment. Spam bots send offtop posts, so the plugin can filter spam bots by oftop.

How plugin works?

Spam comments moves to SPAM folder. First comment from a new author plugin compares with post and previous comments. If the relevance of the comment is good enough it gets approval at the blog without manual approval.

Will plugin works with my theme?

Plugin works with all WordPress themes, for example - Responsive, Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve, Twenty Ten, Twenty Thirteen, Sixteen, Radiate, Alexandria, Swift Basic, Ridizain, Customizr, Catch Box, Twenty Fourteen, Virtue, Tempera, Pinboard, hemingway, Vantage, Weaver II, Buzz, Omega, iFeature, Simple Catch and etc. With some themes may not works JavaScript anti-spam method, but it's not crucial to protect your blog from spam bots.

How can I test anti-spam protection?

Please use email stop_email@example.com for comments, contacts or signups. Also you can see comments proccessed by plugin for last 7 days at Control panel or look at folder "Spam" for banned comments.

How the plugin is effective against spam bots?

Plugin Anti-spam by CleanTalk stops about 100% of spam bots comments. More over, by determining the relevance of the comment text, the plugin stops about 96% spam comments submitted manually via browser.

What about pingback, trackback spam?

Plugin by default pass not spam pingbacks/trackbacks (sender host clear at blacklists IP database) from third-party sites to the blog. If the pingback has more then 3 records in the blacklists and not relevant to the blog the pingback will be stopped by CleanTalk.

Should I use another antispam plugins?

Use other antispam plugins not necessarily, because CleanTalk stops up to 100% of spam bots.

The plugin WordPress MultiUser (WPMU or WordPress network) compatible?

The plugin is WordPress MultiUser (WPMU or WordPress network) compatible. Each blog in multisite environment has individual anitspam options for spam bots protection.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9
Last Updated: 2014-4-18
Downloads: 77,808


4 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars


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