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Class Blogs

Makes it easy to use blogs in your teaching.


  • Better handling of pages when using the default permalink structure.
  • Fixed errors with widgets that use categories on the sitewide tags page.


  • Better detection of the page being viewed.
  • Pages created by plugins are now public but excluded from nav bars.
  • New YouTube class playlist shortcode for showing the playlist on any page.
  • Student blog links widget no longer available when not running multisite.
  • Sitewide post-like data (pages, attachments, etc.) is no longer tracked.
  • Added screenshots.
  • More robust fetching of student information.
  • Student posts and comments widgets now exclude professor-created data.
  • Word counter dashboard widget is now properly shown to non-multisite students.


  • Restructed to run as a standard or network-only plugin.
  • Can now run in either multisite or normal mode.
  • Activation framework added for all child plugins.
  • YouTube playlist no longer syncs with YouTube.
  • Themes are now part of the plugin.
  • Cleaned up unused plugins.
  • Added a readme.
  • Sitewide plugins can no longer be disabled.
  • Random image widget caption updates.
  • Admin design changes.
  • Simplified student pseudonym plugin to only change username.
  • Students can only change their username once.


  • Cleaned up development / production media structure.
  • Plugins can now be selectively disabled from the admin page.
  • Plugins can now run arbitrary code when upgrading the main plugin.
  • Better dependency and loading management.
  • Plugins can now define options on a per-blog basis.
  • Word counter now properly counts words if there are comments but no posts.
  • Student blog links widget now handles different layouts better.
  • More areas of the theme are links now.
  • Plugins that don't define media no longer break.
  • Deferred plugin initialization.
  • The YouTube class playlist now only maintains a local playlist.
  • Added an explicit license.


  • Added plugin admin media system.
  • Better student name detection in blog list.
  • Added plugin table schema abstraction.
  • Better sitewide data tracking with manual resyncing capability.
  • Plugin table schema cleanup.
  • YouTube class playlist now better handles quota and request errors.
  • Better plugin admin notification messages.
  • Refactored student blog links JavaScript.
  • Improved documentation for all plugins.
  • Simplified caching logic.
  • Better internal widget system.
  • Abstracted the private plugin page functionality.
  • Added icons for all plugin admin pages.
  • Added a build system for packaging media and creating translation files.


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.3.2
Last Updated: 2012-11-4
Downloads: 6,287


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5 out of 5 stars


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