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Child Theme Configurator

Create a Child Theme from any installed Theme. Each CSS selector, rule and value can then be searched, previewed and modified.


  • Removed backtrace in main CSS parser regex due to high memory usage.


  • Fixed uninitialized variable in files UI.


  • Feature: export child theme as zip archive
  • Added transform to list of vendor rules
  • Bug fixed: parser not loading multiple instances of same @media rulesets
  • Refactored uploader to use wp core functions for compatibility and security
  • Increased CHLD_THM_CFG_MAX_RECURSE_LOOPS to 1000 to accommodate complex parent frameworks

  • Fix: javascript bug

  • Fix: regression bug - sanitizing broke raw input selectors


  • Fix: escape quotes in text inputs. This has bugged me for a while now.
  • Fix: Escape backslash for octal content values. Thanks Laurent for reporting this.
  • Fix: Normalize colors to lowercase and short form when possible to prevent duplicate entries in the data


  • Refactored the way CTC caches updates and returns them to the UI controller to reduce memory consumption.
  • Prevent out of memory fatals when generating new child theme.
  • Changed "Scan Parent for Additional Stylesheets" to individual checkbox options for each file with a toggle to show/hide in the Parent/Child tab.
  • Added automatic update of form when Parent Theme is changed.
  • Pre-populate Parent/Child form when parent slug is passed to CTC options.


  • updated parser to match selectors containing parentheses and empty media rulesets


  • Tweaked the Files tab options and added check for DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT
  • Removed automatic @import rules for additional stylesheets that are loaded.
  • Fixed bug caused by new jQuery .css function handling of empty css values (preview swatch).


  • New Feature: Theme Files tab:
  • Copy parent templates to child theme to be edited using the Theme Editor.
  • Remove child theme templates.
  • Upload child theme images.
  • Remove child theme images.
  • Upload child theme screenshot.


  • Fixes a bug with the way the @import data is stored that threw errors on php 5.3 and corrupted v1.3.2 @import data.


  • New Feature: option to scan parent theme for additional stylesheets. This allows CTC to be used with themes such as "Responsive" by CyberChimps.
  • New Feature: automatically copies parent theme screenshot to child.


  • Fixed unquoted regex pattern in file path security check function. Thanks to buzcuz for reporting this.


  • Updated help tab content. Added additional sanitization of source and target file paths.


  • Changed CSS preview to retrieve directly from WordPress Admin instead of remote http GET to prevent caching issues.
  • Added loading icon for CSS preview.
  • Fixed JS type error on backup toggle.
  • Improved extensibility throughout.


  • Replace PHP short tags with standard codes.


  • New Features: You can now rename selectors in place from the Query/Selector panel. Made stylesheet backup optional. Bugs fixed: Incorrect parsing of background position when '0', fixed type error when background image url value is removed.


  • Bugs fixed: "star hack" rules no longer throwing js error. Important flag now works on borders and gradients.


  • New features: Link to Query/Selector tab from specific Rule/Value selector, new rule focus on adding new rule. Bugs fixed: clear Query/Selector inputs when loaded selector is empty, use latest min.js script.


  • Added check for writability before attempting to create child theme files to avoid fatal error on servers not running suEXEC. Fixed a bug in the ctc_update_cache function that was throwing a fatal JS error when new media queries were saved via the Raw CSS input. Configurator now adds functions.php file to child theme when it does not exist.


  • Added reorder sequence and important flag functionality. Fixed bug where multiple inputs with same selector/rule combo were assigned the same id. Fixed bug in the shorthand encoding routine.


  • Added tutorial video to help tabs.


  • Added call to reset_updates() before update_option() to prevent serialization errors.


  • Query/Selector panel now defaults to 'base'
  • Fixed bug causing background-image with full urls (http://) to be parsed as gradients
  • Fixed bug causing rule menu to throw error when selector has no rules


  • Fixed sort bug in shorthand parser that was returning rules in wrong order


  • Fixed bug that assumed lowercase only for theme slugs. (Thanks to timk)
  • Fixed update redirect to execute on first run


  • Small bug fix to javascript (casting number to string)


  • Fixed major bug where inputs containing '0' were being ignored
  • Removed "no leading digits" requirement for theme slug
  • Change query sort function to keep parent order of queries without device width rules
  • Fixed gettext calls to use static namespace parameter
  • Auto populate child theme inputs when existing theme is selected
  • Correctly remove border when values are blanked
  • Fixed duplicate "new rule" bug on Query/Selector panel
  • added timestamp to backup file
  • Added encode_shorthand function to recombine margin/padding values when all 4 sides are present


  • Corrected parsing for certain backgrounds and gradients (e.g., supports hsla color syntax)
  • Handle empty selectors
  • Ajax load for menus and updates
  • Clean up Parent/Child form UI and validation
  • Streamlined UI overall


  • Updates to Readme.txt


  • Initial release.

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0
Last Updated: 2014-9-1
Downloads: 56,006


4 stars
5 out of 5 stars


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