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Capability Manager Enhanced

A simple way to manage WordPress roles and capabilities.


  • Fixed : Non-administrators with user editing capabilities could give new users a role with a higher level than their own (including Administrator)


  • Feature : Support negative capabilities (storage to wp_roles array with false value)
  • Feature : Multisite - Copy a role definition to all current sites on a network
  • Feature : Multisite - Copy a role definition to new (future) sites on a network
  • Feature : Backup / Restore tool requires "restore_roles" capability or super admin status
  • Fixed : Role reset to WP defaults did not work, caused a PHP error / white screen
  • Change : Clarified English captions on Backup Tool screen
  • Fixed : Term deletion capability was not included in taxonomies grid even if defined
  • Fixed : jQuery notices for deprecated methods on Edit Role screen
  • Compat : Press Permit - if a role is marked as hidden, also default it for use by PP Pro as a Pattern Role (when PP Collaborative Editing is activated and Advanced Settings enabled)
  • Change : Press Permit promotional message includes link to display further info


  • Perf : Eliminated unused framework code (reduced typical wp-admin memory usage by 0.6 MB)
  • Fixed : Failure to save capability changes, on some versions of PHP
  • Compat : Press Permit - PHP Warning on role save
  • Compat : Press Permit - PHP Warning on "Force Type-Specific Capabilities" settings update
  • Compat : Press Permit - "supplemental only" option stored redundant entries
  • Compat : Press Permit - green background around capabilities which
  • Compat : Press Permit - PHP Warning on "Force Type-Specific Capabilities" settings update
  • Maint : Stop using $GLOBALS superglobal
  • Change : Reduced download size by moving screenshots to assets folder of project folder


  • Fixed : Role capabilities were not updated / refreshed properly on multisite installations
  • Feature : If create_posts capabilities are defined, organize checkboxes into a column alongside edit_posts
  • Feature : "Use create_posts capability" checkbox in sidebar auto-defines create_posts capabilities (requires Press Permit)
  • Compat : bbPress + Press Permit - Modified bbPress role capabilities were not redisplayed following save, required reload
  • Compat : bbPress + Press Permit - Adding a capability via the "Add Cap" textbox caused the checkbox to be available but not selected
  • Compat : Press Permit - "supplemental only" option was always enabled for newly created and copied roles, regardless of checkbox setting near Create/Copy button


  • Compat : bbPress + Press Permit - "Add Capability" form failed when used on a bbPress role, caused creation of an invalid role


  • Compat : Press Permit - flagging of roles as "supplemental assignment only" was not saved


  • Compat : bbPress 2.2 (supports customization of dynamic forum role capabilities)
  • Compat : Press Permit + bbPress - customized role capabilities were not properly maintained on bbPress activation / deactivation, in some scenarios
  • Fixed : Role update and copy failed if currently stored capability array is corrupted


  • Fixed : Capabilities were needlessly re-saved on role load
  • Fixed : Capability labels in "Other WordPress" section did not toggle checkbox selection
  • Press Permit integration: If capability is granted by the role's Permit Group, highlight it as green with a descriptive caption title, but leave checkbox enabled for display/editing of role defintion setting (previous behavior caused capability to be stripped out of WP role definition under some PP configurations)


  • Fixed : On translated sites, roles could not be edited
  • Fixed : Menu item change to "Role Capabilities" broke existing translations


  • Fixed : Separate checkbox was displayed for cap->edit_published_posts even if it was defined to the be same as cap->edit_posts
  • Press Permit integration: automatically store a backup copy of each role's last saved capability set so they can be reinstated if necessary (currently for bbPress)


  • Language: updated .pot file
  • Press Permit integration: roles can be marked for supplemental assignment only (and suppressed from WP role assignment dropdown, requires PP 1.0-beta1.4)


  • https compatibility: use content_url(), plugins_url()
  • Press Permit integration: if role definitions are reset to WP defaults, also repopulate PP capabilities (pp_manage_settings, etc.)


  • Organized capabilities UI by post type and operation
  • Editing UI separates WP core capabilities and 3rd party capabilities
  • Clarified sidebar captions
  • Don't allow a non-Administrator to add or remove a capability they don't have
  • Fixed : PHP Warnings for unchecked capabilities
  • Press Permit integration: externally (dis)enable Post Types, Taxonomies for PP filtering (which forces type-specific capability definitions)
  • Show capabilities which Press Permit adds to the role by supplemental type-specific role assignment
  • Reduce memory usage by loading framework and plugin code only when needed


  • Added Swedish translation.


  • Fixed a bug where administrators could not create or manage other administrators.


  • Cannot edit users with more capabilities than current user.
  • Cannot assign to users a role with more capabilities than current user.
  • Solved an incompatibility with Chameleon theme.
  • Migrated to the new Alkivia Framework.
  • Changed license to GPL version 2.


  • Tested up to WP 2.9.1.


  • Added Italian translation.


  • Added German and Belorussian translations.


  • Added Russian translation.


  • Coding Standards.
  • Corrected internal links.
  • Updated Framework.


  • Added backup/restore tool.


  • Role deletion added.


  • Some code improvements.
  • Updated Alkivia Framework.


  • First public version.

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.7.1
Last Updated: 2013-10-15
Downloads: 66,231


4 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars


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