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Allows the WordPress public to perform Mathematical operations using Maxima and the Caascade API.

The Caascade name is based on the acronym for Computations-as-a-Service. Using Shortcode, this plugin allows forms to be embedded for various mathematical operations into WordPress pages and posts. Readers can enter expressions which are evaluated by a Caascade server. The output from running the operation is captured and returned as a MathJax formatted PNG. The WordPress Caascade plugin homepage contains additional information about Maxima and also a demonstration:


The current version of the plugin provides the following forms for operations:

  1. defint - Compute a definite integral
  2. derivative - Compute the derivative of an expression n times
  3. expand - Expand an expression
  4. factor - Factor an expression
  5. integrate - Compute an indefinite integral
  6. limit - Compute the limit of an expression approaching from the left, right, or both
  7. prime - Primality test
  8. omega - Omega (raw Maxima command)
  9. evaluate - evaluate expression at expression

At your caascade.com settings page, you can adjust settings for:

  1. Output exact fractions or approximations
  2. Output format (TeX, 2D, or Linear)
  3. exptdispflag (Maxima flag for exponents that are quotients)
  4. Adjust floating point precision
  5. Adjust the input and output base
  6. Line length (for 2D and linear output)
  7. negsumdispflag
  8. Hide rational substitution messages
  9. Display multiplication with the asterisk

You can get an idea for what may be possible by perusing the Maxima 5.31.3 manual.

The Caascade free Basic subscription comes with 125 requests per month. Please note that to format TeX output from the Caascade server, a request is made to the MathJax SSL CDN. The output will be sent over a secure connection. If you are already using MathJax, don't worry; it checks whether it is loaded and won't consume additional resources. The MathJax CDN that you will find in the plugin is:


Please send operation and feature requests, bug reports, feedback, and support questions to the WordPress Caascade issue queue.

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Requires: 2.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 2014-4-2
Downloads: 168


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