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BestWebSoft Google Maps

Easy to set up and insert Google Maps to your website.

How I can add a new marker ?

To add a new marker enter in marker location address and select from dropdown menu list desired address or just enter coordinates.

How can I add a new marker if the address and coordinates are unknown?

To add a new marker, if the address and coordinates are unknown, use the right-click on the map preview, and select "get the coordinates".

How many markers can I add?

You can add any number of markers.

Can I edit the name or tooltip of the added marker?

Yes, you can do it by clicking on the edit button on the marker in the list of the added markers.

How can I find the necessary marker if I have a lot of added markers on the map preview?

For visual search of the necessary marker on the map preview, click the marker button find in the list of the added markers and this marker will create animation on the map preview.

Can I delete marker from markers list?

Yes, you can do it by pressed on marker button delete in the added markers list.

What is auto zoom and can I set up zoom manually?

Auto zoom is automatic selection of maximum zoom to display all markers on the map. If you want set up zoom manually, just turn off auto zoom.

Why can I see not all the added markers?

Try to turn off auto zoom and set up zoom manually.

Can I set up map controls?

Yes, you can do it in the settings controls.

I have some problems with the plugin's work. What Information should I provide to receive proper support?

Please make sure that the problem hasn't been discussed yet on our forum (http://support.bestwebsoft.com). If no, please provide the following data along with your problem's description: 1. the link to the page where the problem occurs 2. the name of the plugin and its version. If you are using a pro version - your order number. 3. the version of your WordPress installation 4. copy and paste into the message your system status report. Please read more here: Instuction on System Status

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0-beta3
Last Updated: 2014-8-7
Downloads: 820


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