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Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type

Add more custom fields type to extended profiles in Buddypress: Birthdate, Email, Web, Datepicker, ...

  • Solving error in registration and edit profile form with Image field.

  • Solving warning errors when uploading image in registration form.
  • Added Ukranian translation thanks to Michael Yunat, Ukranian http://getvoip.com

  • Resolving changelog issues.

  • Nothing new!


  • Working with Buddypress 2.0!
  • Changed FAQ.
  • Rewritten validation and use of fields of type: file and image. This is working now when marked as required field in registration form.
  • Deleted p tags from values. You will get the value of field.
  • Added Brazilian translation. Thanks to https://github.com/espellcaste

  • Remove the default description field in case the field is checkbox acceptance also in registration form.

  • Remove the default description field in case the field is checkbox acceptance.

  • Hungarian translation added thanks to Laszlo Espadas.

  • Changed priority of my custom filter: bxcft_xprofile_get_hidden_fields_for_user.


  • Added new filters for labels and inputs. See FAQ for more information.

  • Bug in setting up add_filter. It requires a priority parameter first before the accepted_args so it only send the hidden fields. The other 2 fields $display_user_id and $current_user_id is set to 0 and the function returns erratic or no results because of that. Thanks to moggedb.

  • Updated FAQ.
  • Moved to github.

  • When a field is empty, my plugin add "p" tags and this is wrong. Now when a field is empty, it will return empty...
  • Updated FAQ.

  • Solving a bug caused by me solving another bug...

  • Solved a bug in bxcft_edit_render_new_xprofile_field function. Thanks to thomaslhotta.
  • Updated FAQ.

  • Updated German translation. Thanks to Thorsten Wollenhöfer.
  • Added hook for errors like buddypress registration template: bp_fieldname_errors.

  • Updated FAQ with javascript snippet to change location of description.
  • Updated all translations files.
  • Changed "*" with "(required)" string from buddypress files. Now the required word is the same for all fields. Fields from this plugin and original fields from buddypress.

  • Added a new field type: Number.

  • Solved bug displaying today date when user don't fill birthdate field.


  • Added a new field type: Colorpicker.
  • Added Modernizr plugin for testing support in browsers.
  • Added Jscolor plugin fallback for browser with no support for colorpicker html5 field.

  • Added a new filter for displaying "Download file" link. Filter named "bxcft_show_download_file_link" and send text link, type of field, id of field, value of field. Thanks to kmb@deam.org for suggesting this.

  • Updated russian translation thanks to Romik Jan.

  • Updated the link of BP Profile Search plugin.

  • Solved a warning when you use custom post type multiselect and have no choices.
  • Solved a warning with queries changing ASC with 'ASC'.
  • Improving the faq.

  • Changed FAQ.


  • Solved errors when uploading images or files in register page.
  • Revised code responsible of uploading files or images in edit profile.

  • Solved error when showing age instead of birthdate.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-6-5
Downloads: 45,787


4 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars


7 of 23 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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