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Bootstrap Shortcodes for WordPress

Implements Bootstrap 3 styles and components in WordPress through shortcodes.


  • ####New Features:
  • This release features a brand new, much easier to use popup for the documentation. We're now using Bootstrap's "modal" component rather than the soon-to-be-retired WordPress Thickbox. We've also split the documentation up into tabs so that the technical information about the plugin isn't cluttering up the shortcode reference material. This should make the plugin a little less scary for end-users.
  • Added optional "target" parameter to [list-group-item]
  • Added support for new "block", "inline", and "inline-block" parameters in [responsive] introduced in Bootstrap 3.2
  • Remove legacy [icon-white] shortcode (it wasn't documented anyway)
  • ####Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with [carousel] indicators (thanks, mebdev!)
  • Fix any parameters expecting "true", or "false" accepting any input as "true". Now only accepts the word "true"; other input will be ignored and read as "false".
  • Fix bug that prevented CSS classes from being applied to [dropdown-item]s
  • Fixed bug that completely broke [divider] in dropdowns
  • Fix animated progress bar classes


  • Tested to work in WordPress 3.9
  • Fix and document collapsibles "Active" state
  • Fix uninitialized variables causing errors in debug mode
  • Fix "Active" tab, carousel checking, should work better now
  • Fix media button icon in Internet Explorer


  • Support new parameters introduced in Bootstrap 3.1.x
  • Use custom icon-font for editor button
  • Fix bug which broke Distraction Free Editing in WordPress
  • Fix bug which caused [responsive] shortcodes not to work

  • Significant rewrite to properly escape inputs
  • [tabs] now supports "pills" and "fade" styles
  • [tabs] and [carousel] now support setting a tab or image other than the first one as "active". If no tab or carousel item is set to "active" the first one is set by default.
  • [panel] titles are now optional (see documentation for new shortcode parameters)
  • [list-group-item] now supports optional "type" parameter (Bootstrap 3.1 only)
  • [button] now supports "disabled" and "active" parameters
  • [progress-bar] now supports showing labels
  • Add [dropdown-header] shortcode
  • [container] now includes optional "fluid" parameter (Bootstrap 3.1 only)
  • [modal] now supports sizes (Bootstrap 3.1 only)
  • Composer support
  • Resolve errors regarding uninitialized variables experienced by some users
  • Resolve image path icons for non-standard WordPress directory names
  • Resolved DOMDocument errors experienced by some users (if you still see these errors or warnings please let us know)

  • Add support for [container] shortcode for themes without a container defined
  • Add support for [carousel] and [carousel-item] shortcodes
  • Add support for "xclass" and "data" parameters to all shortcodes
  • Plenty of bugfixes and code cleanup to fix common issues

  • Fix help tab popup on edit pages


  • Initial WordPress.org release

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-11
Downloads: 11,647


5 stars
5 out of 5 stars


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