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BookingBug Booking Calendar Widget

BookingBug is the complex flexible booking and scheduling platform for any service requirments. This widget offers sidebar and shortcode integrations

The Booking System for any business

No matter what your business type, BookingBug is the perfect tool for managing schedules or appointments on an hour, day or week basis, or for running classes, courses or events.

This plug-in allows easy and quick embedding of your BookingBug widget either in the sidebar of your WordPress blog, or in a blog post using a shortcode.

BookingBug is a highly flexible and customizable booking system for use by any business. It is designed to help you get new customers by letting you get your time and availability on to your own and as many sites as possible. Hosted on BookingBug, you can embed it in your wordpress blog quickly and easily, as well as embedding in Facebook or other sites you may need. You can even embed it multiple times in different pages in your site if you need.

If you are a web developer, you can even help your clients out, customize the CSS of the booking pages and forms to create a really seamless and customized experience for your clients.

Booking the way you need

BookingBug can handle anything such as :

  • Resource Time bookings : Squash court booking, tennis courts, bike hire, any physical resource on a time basis
  • Personal Time bookings : You or your staffs time. Anything from fitness trainer appointments, or piano lessons, to hair dressers and spas - manage your own time in BookingBug
  • Day based : From booking resources, such as rooms in a B&B, to booking Mobile Disco's or Children's entertainers - anything that is bookable on a day by day basis
  • Week based : Chalets and holiday homes, BookingBug can handle any week based services you want
  • Classes & Courses : Run any kind of one off or repeated class courses or event. Anything from dance courses to cookery classes. Whether you run experiences that happen every day, or even just simple one off events, BookingBug can give you a calendar that suits your business.
  • Restaurants : BookingBug even lets you do table management and take bookings for your restaurant. BookingBug is the perfect booking solution if you run daily deals, as it lets you simple manage you deal codes and redeptions, and our specialist booking widget will fit perfectly on your site

See http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bookingbug/other_notes for more examples

Key Features

  • Create a fully customizable booking widget that you can put in your own site, or other business directories such as BrownBook, or Social Networks such as Facebook to help you get new customers
  • Take bookings, enquiries, reservations and work in the way you want
  • Take payments or deposits into Paypal, Google Checkout or a dozen different merchant accounts.
  • Offer group payments, discounts and coupons, bulk pre-payments, complex packages - any way you need to offer your service. Even manage wallets, that let people pay in bulk.
  • Daily Deals - If your business ever runs daily deals, BookingBug is the only platform that lets you have dedicated widgets for managing and redeaming daily deals codes on any platform. Import all of the codes, track redemptions, manage capacity, and even offer different time and service availability for different deals.
  • Change your price on different times of day, days of the week, or weeks of the year - set prices for 3 days or 4 days breaks as your business requires
  • Send fully customized email and SMS confirmations, reminders and follow-ups. Get your own dedicated two-way SMS number. If you're a web developer, offer extra value, by completely customising the experience.
  • Scales from the smallest simplest business up to enterprise level complex businesses. Even businesses with multiple locations, multiple staff, resources and hundreds of services can easily be managed within BookingBug
  • Customize question and bookings forms. Ask any form of question you want - even alter the price based on questions. Customize confirmations, add you own terms and conditions and even have PDF tickets if needed
  • Android and iPhone apps let you view appointments and upcoming bookings on the move, and customized tablet screens make sure that you can even run your business from an iPad
  • BookingBug Insights - advanced data analysis and reporting tools to give you the power to easily analyze your customer, booking, sales and staff information to better understand, manage and grow your businesses efficiently.
  • Integrated marketing tools give you the means to develop and disseminate online and mobile marketing communications to help you build customer loyalty, win new business, improve retention, upsell new services, encourage word of mouth recommendations and much much more.

Sign-up now for FREE

You can sign up to BookingBug at http://www.bookingbug.com. Our FREE version lets you embed our booking and appointment widget in your WordPress blog, and the platform can scale up to any business needs - including large enterprise clients with guaranteed SLA's To benefit from BookingBug's full range of advanced functionality take a look at our paid plans - starting at just $19.95 / 14.95 per month.

Concierge Service

BookingBug is simple and quick to set up, and you can set it up yourself - but if you want for a small fee (see http://www.bookingbug.com/prices ) we can help you set up your BookingBug system to help you make the best use of it. We'll help show you have to get the most of the features you need, and help you set it up on other business directories that are appropriate for your business!

Customize the widget

BookingBug lets you control how you show your widgets in your WordPress blog

  • The Smart widget works out how best to show all of your services and offers them in a simple drill down menu
  • The single widget can show just a subset of your services, for example :
    • The availability calendar of specific room in your B&B - so you can build pages for each room
    • The availability of a specific person, such as a trainer or teacher
    • The times and dates of a group of classes or courses, such as all upcoming dance classes of a specific type
  • A single event widget can show just a single activity, a single class, a single course, and a single one off event
  • A multi-company widget - for it you run several business across several locations - you can show all of their availability in a single widget

Usage as a Sidebar Widget

Using this plugin is easy, all you have to do is in the 'Appearance' settings in the Admin of your wordpress Blog, set : * Your BookingBug ID (as displayed in the top right corner when logged into BookingBug) or with widget id of a single service that you offer under Publish->Single Widgets in BookingBug * An optional Palette. Create and save a palette under 'smart widgets' and use the palette name to skin your widget to your site

Usage in a post

In any blog post or static page you can use the [bookingbug] shortcode to directly embed a BookingBug widget in your site Parameters are :

  • id='xxx' - Your BookingBug ID (as displayed in the top right corner when logged into BookingBug) or with widget id of a single service that you offer under Publish->Single Widgets in BookingBug
  • palette='yyy' - An optional Palette. Create and save a palette under 'smart widgets' and use the palette name to skin your widget to your site
  • style='large' - A style of widget, the options are :

    • "large" : A large 730 * 570 widget for a full screen entry
    • "medium" : A narrower 570 * 570 widget
    • "medium-small" : A 440 * 570 widget - fits in most blogs
    • "small" : A very small 180 * 240 widget for sidebars
    • "wide" : A wide, but not very high widget that is 730 * 240

e.g. [bookingbug id='ukw12345' palette='custom' style='medium-small']


If you are having difficulties using this plugin, please contact us at http://www.bookingbug.com/contact, or during business hours, ask us a question on our live person support at http://www.bookingbug.com

Requires: 2.2.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 2012-11-9
Downloads: 22,696


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