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Book Review

Add details such as title, author, cover photo, rating, purchase links and more to each of your book review posts. Show archives by title or genre.

Who is the Book Review plugin for?

The Book Review plugin is meant to be used by book bloggers and other reviewers who post book reviews to their blog and need an easy way to show the details of that book in each of their review posts.

What is the Synopsis field for?

The Synopsis field is meant to hold the summary or description of the book. It is not where you are intended to write your review. You should write your review in the regular WordPress editor at the top of the page, although if you prefer you can certainly write it inside the Synopsis editor instead. Be aware that if you do that, the custom links will show at the very bottom of your post, rather than directly below the book's description and cover image.

Why is my title sorting on "A", "An" or "The" in the title archives?

Titles that start with "A", "An" or "The" should be sorted using the second word in the title. For example, The Hunger Games would be shown as Hunger Games, The. If you have a post that is not sorting this way, try going back into that post and re-saving it.

Why is my post not showing up in the genre archives?

Check to ensure that you have filled out the Genre field in the Book Info section of the post, and that the Include post in archives checkbox is selected.

Why do the archives take a long time to load?

If you are showing thumbnails of the book covers in your archives, then you should be aware that thumbnails are only used in those themes that support Featured Images. If your theme does not support Featured Images, or if a post does not have a Featured Image set, then scaled-down versions of the full-size covers are used. The images are scaled down as per the Thumbnail size value in the Media Settings. Showing thumbnails in the archive(s) without using Featured Images will result in longer page load times. To aid in determining which images are thumbnails and which are scaled-down versions of the original image, you can click on any cover to see it shown at its true size. If the image is small, then you know a thumbnail is being used. Otherwise, you should go back into that particular post and set the Featured Image.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-5-18
Downloads: 4,735


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