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Book Review Library

A book cataloguing and review system designed with bookophiles and librarians in mind.


  • added image size for book covers. users can use that instead of default post thumbnail size or they can use the thumbnail setting. controlled from the options page.


  • added Catalan language file


  • Fixed a bug where the book author wasn't displaying if the title was filtered by WordPress before being passed to Book Review Library's title filter
  • changed string to boolean value for covers check
  • added Arabic language file
  • added Spanish language file
  • added Farsi language file
  • added Polish language file



  • added new option to display the book author on a separate line than the title
  • updated .pot file


  • changed behavior of book list by author to always display books by title rather than forcing an order_by parameter to define order of the books
  • added new genre shortcode parameter
  • fixed menu icon for WordPress 3.8
  • fixed issue preventing librarians from saving book review options (note: current solution is a workaround)


  • fixed issue where the author was displaying twice when using the shortcode
  • prevented css and iconfont from loading on non-book review pages (thanks Mte90)
  • updated documentation
  • added full Hungarian translation
  • added full French translation
  • fixed an undefined notice if order_by is not defined
  • added new author shortcode parameter


  • fixed the i18n on "Review Authors"
  • added full Italian language file (thanks tristano-ajmone!)
  • added initial Hungarian language file (thanks Ignácz József!)
  • added partial French language file (thanks claire idrac!)


  • fixed taxonomy archive page permalink issue
  • fixed i18n issues with untranslatable strings
  • removed the "Add New Rating" and "Most Used" links for ratings


  • fixed an issue where meta boxes randomly disappeared after 1.4.0 update


  • fixed issue where plugin could not be activated if Organize Series was installed


  • added new shortcode parameter: format. Accepted arguments are format=full, format=excerpt and format=none (default). This allows the user to control whether the full review or an excerpt of the review will display when using the shortcode.
  • fixed issue where text on the page always displayed under the shortcode content
  • fixed issue where librarian was not able to edit the options
  • added ISBN support -- you can now add ISBN codes and search by them
  • added support to search by other book metadata (author, genre, subject, reviewer, etc)
  • added full i18n support


  • checks if role exists before removing caps on deactivation
  • moves the flush rewrite function to after the post type is registered


  • flushes rewrite rules on activation. should resolve issues relating to posts not being viewable without re-saving the permalink settings.


  • fixed issue where a fatal error was thrown trying to add capabilities to WordPress user roles if they do not exist


  • applied 1.3.1 fix to excerpt filter, too


  • fixes "this book is currently checked out" that displays on non-book posts


  • added new shortcode parameter order_by -- accepted arguments are 'title', 'date_added' (default), and 'author'. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information about sorting by author.


  • Enabling/disabling some options now affect columns in the book review list


  • adds optional support for comments on book reviews


  • adds option to disable the author in the book title (fixes formatting/html issue for themes that use the_title in <a> tags)
  • fixed some i18n issues
  • fixed "in stock" tag displaying in the shortcode when stock option was disabled
  • fixed an issue that ran the content filter on pages using the book review shortcode


  • fixes layout issues caused by float: left on the book covers.


  • runs a check on the_excerpt and the_content filters to make sure those are being called in a loop. If not, they don't apply. This prevents issues in formatting if those template tags are being used inside an HTML tag.


  • fixed bug that displayed in/out of stock on all pages (thanks Digital Mosquito for reporting it)


  • initial release

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-8-3
Downloads: 7,568


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5 out of 5 stars


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