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Bol.com Partner Program Plugin

Licence: MIT Bol.com Affiliate Partner program to sell goods on your own website.


  • Fixed plugin for tinymce4 in WordPress 3.9. Warning: < WordPress 3.9 is no longer supported!


  • Fixed styling issue with WordPress version 3.8.1
  • Improved technical retrieval of promotions (now using cURL)
  • Added extra error information on the configuration page
  • Set cURL timeout to 10 seconds instead of 5 seconds


  • Added extra admin options to manage default color settings and other shown elements like stars, bol.com logo, etc.
  • Added plaza and second hand offers
  • Added validation for API-keys and added feedback when key is not valid
  • Updated visual style of the plugin
  • Added promotion tabs so current Bol.com promotions can be viewed when creating new widgets
  • Added Bol.com promotion links
  • Added implementation for translation
  • Added languages Dutch and English
  • Improved error handling


  • Small style fix, setting the titles to fontsize of 100%. It seems some templates use a general .title with large fontsizes.


  • Added filled placeholder rendering. Placeholders now have dummy content
  • Small style changes to have default product link dimensions
  • Maded column and width input available for manual input
  • Added default for widget width and widget columns (for searchForm)
  • Added preview triggers on several fields for bestsellers and search-form
  • Updated the admin css, better displaying of plugin
  • Added auto search on enter keypress in the searchbox for the products widget
  • Altered the price collection to bol api v3
  • Added auto preview to tab switch in product widget
  • Fixed path issue for loading the tinymce popup js. Did not work in a subdir install


  • Removing old code concerning css files broke the build. The block_id could not be generated anymore. Fixed with new block_id generation.


  • Changed wp-load include reference from absolute (from document-root) to relative to support subdir wp-installs


  • Removed short open tags from the code
  • Added php version check
  • Removed obsolete old code which created css files on disk


  • Textual changes in the plugin
  • Improved the installation instructions
  • Upgraded the class autoloader which caused error messages
  • Fixed the path for the icon for the wordpress menu


  • Fixed jQuery loading issues
  • Disabled redirects in the OpenAPI curl client


  • This is first version

Requires: 3.9.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.0
Last Updated: 2014-5-2
Downloads: 7,509


4 stars
4 out of 5 stars


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